Social Media Tips and Tricks – Secrets to Successful Tweets

What makes a successful tweet?

Apparently, that particular tweet's amount of retweets. What makes a tweet get retweeted in bulk? That's the question. And together, Google and Cornell University found the answer.

Researchers from Google and Cornell teamed up and combed through roughly 1.7 million tweets to determine which ones got retweeted the most and why. Turns out you don't have to be an uber celebrity to get your tweets retweeted. You just need to ask nicely and clearly (among a few other things). In order to produce some massive retweeting, these researchers suggest the following:

  • Ask your followers to please retweet at the beginning of the tweet by spelling out "retweet" or "rt" (although "retweet" seemed most effective). Avoid saying "spread." And don't forget to say please.
  • Be brief and informative - get to the point and avoid being funny or cute. Try to stay somewhere between 71-100 characters (no more, no less).
  • Stay consistent with messages that conform to expectations, and that are generally accepted by your usual Twitter crowd (but it's ok to occasionally mix it up to keep it interesting).
  • Use headlines as a standard to follow when wording tweets. The use of action words apparently improves click-through rates, as does verbs and adverbs, but most of all adjectives hike the click-through rates.
  • Do not use ICYMI, which indicates that the tweet is a retweet. Also avoid "thanks," "sorry," and @ while speaking of other users, which can mean the tweet is between other people and probably shouldn't have been shared.

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