DCGLA Success Story – Christine from COH talks about working with DCG

DCGLA Success Story – Christine from COH talks about working with DCG

We are a garment manufacturer, and I basically am the IT director for the company. I’ve contacted the DCG to help to monitor and maintain our servers because that’s like one big part in my department.

So they basically are on top of just monitoring the status of the servers and making sure that updates are done, and I’ve actually consulted with them on several projects that we’ve worked on.

I’ve been using their services for about nine years now. Definitely been a big change even after my system admin was hired. There’s definitely an increase in our productivity. I mean they work real closely with my system admin and like any issues that he has, instead of us spending time in researching, we just call them and a lot of the times, they pretty much have the answers for us or they would put it on their ticket, forward it over there on the site, if it’s not an urgent issue.

So it has definitely saved us a lot of time and I looked at our research time and also like disasters I had before when I wasn’t monitoring the servers on pretty much a daily basis. The disaster rate was pretty high. So they saved me a lot of time in that. They’re a very knowledgeable company and they’re very dependable on a lot of the projects that I’ve assigned for them and they have been nothing but very professional with everything that – like every project that I’ve worked on with them.

They’re definitely not the type of company that pushes services on to you. They have great recommendations and they’re very detailed in their recommendations for your consideration and they’re not the type that would constantly hound you to purchase any product that they’re trying to offer out.

Every time when any disaster comes up, there – if I can’t figure it out, then they would pretty much be the first people that I call. Actually just last week, for whatever reason, our traffic to the internet just halted. Like no one could come in. No one could go out.

I’ve called our ISP provider. I’ve called Sonic Wall and after calling DCG and just staying on the phone with them, troubleshooting a little bit, we figured out what was wrong. So it was a big help concerning that we do have a lot of remote offices that are connected to us via the Internet.

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