Cool Stuff – Surge, Fitbit’s “Super Watch”

Cool Stuff – Surge, Fitbit’s “Super Watch”

The folks at Fitbit dubbed this a “Fitness Super Watch,” and most product reviewers agree.

Fitbit’s newest device, the Surge, is not only an activity tracker, but somewhat of a smartwatch and runner’s watch as well. With a built-in GPS, the Surge continually tracks the heart rate, pace and route for both runners and walkers, keeping track and comparing the progress made on other days. It also tracks the workouts of hikers, weight-lifters and even Yogis. And yes, at the end of the day it will also track your sleep.

Where does the smartwatch aspect come in? You can sync the surge to your smartphone and receive texts and calls via the touchscreen.

Users find it reliable, user-friendly, and fairly comfortable to wear. It’s water resistant, however not waterproof, so forget about tracking your swimming activity. The Surge’s charger is unique to the Surge and not compatible with other Fitbits. And beware of quickly draining the battery life while the GPS is enabled.

The fitness community is excited about this upgraded fitness tracker which retails for $249.95. Check Fitbit's website for more details.

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