It’s Free – Asana’s Collaboration Software Spikes Productivity

It’s Free – Asana’s Collaboration Software Spikes Productivity

Simply stated, Asana’s mission is to “help humanity thrive by enabling all teams to work together effortlessly.” The company therefore created collaboration software that does just that.

With the intention of doing away with the flurry of emails that clutter - and ultimately get lost in – the inboxes of professionals, Asana’s app allows conversations and tasks to occur in one place, enabling everything to be clear, concise and actionable at a glance. Projects are easily organized and executed while users are notified of changes in tasks and duties. Less time combing through a multitude of emails equals improved productivity.

Asana is no flash in the pan: The company recently raised $28 million (bringing total funding to $38 million), which means if you invest time using the tool, they will be here to support you for a very, very long time.

Free for 15 users, Asana is available on the web and to iOS and Android users.

Worthy alternatives to Asana that are worth checking out are Trello and Basecamp.

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