Dependable SafeSTOR (DSS) RoundTrip Drive FAQ

Dependable SafeSTOR (DSS) Round Trip Drive FAQ

Q. What is a DSS RoundTrip Drive?
A. DSS RoundTrip Drives are part of our service that facilitates the replication of large quantities of data from your local DSS device to our off-site cloud. Your first backup images will initially be too large to send via the internet. Consequently, this replication process is accomplished by physically shipping you a RoundTrip drive. Data is then copied from the local device to this drive and promptly shipped to our Datacenter where data is transferred directly to the cloud.

Q. Where do I plug in this RoundTrip Drive?
Connect the RoundTrip drive directly to your DSS backup appliance via the USB port. If you have a NAS device, you would instead connect the drive directly to your server. If you have trouble locating your device, please call us at 818-952-9195 for assistance. Please let us know when the drive is connected and powered on so we can begin copying your backup data.

Q. When do I send the RoundTrip Drive back?
We will notify you once your backup data has successfully been copied to the RoundTrip drive. Included in the packaging will be a prepaid UPS shipping label. Please repack the device carefully and affix the label to the outside of the box. For your convenience we can schedule UPS to stop by and pick up the package. If you need another shipping label please call us and we’ll send you another one.

Q. Is it safe to send my backup data via UPS?
Yes, it is extremely safe. Your data is already encrypted with AES 256-bit encryption. We also will be tracking the package on its journey back to our datacenter.

Q. Why are we doing this again? I already did a RoundTrip Drive earlier this year...
There are times when we must re-seed image files in the DCG PrivateCLOUD. If we find an issue with a backup chain at our data center, we may create a differential backup image to fix this. These images tend to be very large in size and may be too large to transmit over your Internet connection. Speaking of Internet speeds, another reason we send RoundTrip Drives is when your Internet speed is not keeping up with your backup image’s daily change rate. In this instance a RoundTrip Drive allows us to transfer your data off site without saturating your Internet bandwidth.

Please visit the DCG Technical Solutions DSS disaster recover page for more information.

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