Security Corner – Protect Yourself From “Drive-By” Malware

Security Corner – Protect Yourself From “Drive-By” Malware

What is "drive-by" malware, you ask? It's something you unknowingly expose yourself to every time you're on the Internet.

When you're on your computer or phone and check out (i.e. "drive-by") a seemingly innocent, unthreatening web page, even if you simply read the content on the page without clicking links on that page, a minuscule, unnoticeable-yet deadly virus can infect your device. Often times this will happen to unsecured, out-of-date operating systems, apps and browsers. All it takes is one open of a malicious page to wreak havoc on your machine...even if you haven't clicked the "accept" or "download" buttons offered on such pages.

There are simple ways to avoid such drive-by downloads. The best prevention is to install an up-to-date malware prevention tool, such as DCG's Internet content filter "Blaskguard." Blaskguard puts a stop to "drive-by" threats because it black-lists those malicious sites and prevents the web surfer from visiting the "drive-by" sites.

Besides keeping users from inadvertently visiting "drive-by" sites, content filters such as Blaskguard can block entire countries like North Korea, parts of China and Russia that are well-known for developing these types of sites. Further, Blaskguard lets business owners track how their employees are using the Internet. This visibility helps employers better manage productivity while keeping their system safe.

Remember to protect yourself by only using up-to-date apps, browsers and operating systems, and avoid typically threatening sites such as file-sharing or adult websites.

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