Security Corner – Are Employees Robbing You Blind One Wasted Hour at a Time?

Security Corner – Are Employees Robbing You Blind One Wasted Hour at a Time?

It has always been a fact that employees waste some of their time at work on their own personal agendas—especially since the advent of the Internet. Google surfing, Facebook checking, LinkedIn updating, online shopping, and general web exploration are, unfortunately for business owners, commonplace for a significant chunk of their employees’ workdays.

Consider’s survey of over 750 people. In 2013, 69% said they waste some of their time at work every day. Then in 2014, a mind-boggling 89% admitted to wasting their work time. That time wasted ranges from 30 minutes per day (31% of the respondents) to at least five hours per day (2% of the respondents)!

Here’s that information in perspective: Just one hour wasted per day by a full-time employee with two weeks’ vacation equates to 250 paid hours spent on non-work-related fun. Meanwhile, the job their being paid to do (by you!) is not getting done as it was meant to.

The good news is, there is something that can be done about this time-sucking epidemic. In addition to enforcing a strict Internet usage policy, you can reinforce that policy with content-filtering software or firewall controls that will prevent employees from signing on to their social media pages on company devices. This can be achieved with services such as DCG Technical Solutions, Inc.’s BlaskGuard™, which gives you worldwide protection of devices, real time visibility of activity, and daily reporting on issues like top 10 websites visited, top 10 violators, hourly/daily Internet usage graphs, etc.

With this type of proactive approach, you’ll be amazed at how much the time-waste at work will decrease. Visit DCG Technical Solutions, Inc.’s website for more information.

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