It’s Free! – Stock Images That Help Your Brand

This quarter, I wanted to provide a few stock resources that are available online and how they can help your brand. And the best part, they're FREE! One of the sites I use most often is If you sign up for an account using your name and email, you can have access to free monthly photos, illustrations, audio, and video clips (scroll down to bottom of page until you see "Join iStock for free stock files every week"). If you don't find what you're looking for in the monthly freebies, most of their images are under $15 and can add that professional touch to a blog, newsletter, quote, etc. Other companies providing free images are (scroll down to bottom of page in gray footer), and

About Renee Pulve, Guest Blogger

After obtaining her degree in Fine Art, Renee transitioned into a graphic design career. She started at a comic book company, then went to work for a design agency in Santa Monica, California where she designed toy and DVD packaging. Renee ultimately founded Smudge Design Co. in 2003, naming the company after her beloved pug Smudge. While spending an extensive amount of time traveling internationally, she discovered most of her creative inspirations are fueled by these unique experiences.