IT Talk – It’s the End of the Road for Windows Server 2003

IT Talk – It’s the End of the Road for Windows Server 2003

On July 14, 2015, extended support for Windows Server 2003 will come to a close. There are possible security risks (and the potential for regulatory noncompliance) for folks that go beyond the end date. Regardless of these issues, the security improvements offered by the Windows Server 2012 R2 are invaluable for system security. Here are some important concerns to consider as the end of the extended support cycle draws near:

Lack of patches/updates/non-security fixes
The fee-based support for updates that are non-security related will no longer be available for customers looking for continued optimal performance.

No more security fixes
No matter how serious the issue, Windows Server 2003 security fixes will no longer be available.

No more support
Customers will no longer be able to contact Microsoft for technical support if they ever have server trouble such as outages, need for restoration and data recovery.

Application support challenges
Most ISVs view an 11-year-old application as past its prime, and such ISVs are going to stop support for old operating systems, if they haven’t already.

Compliance issues
Customers in regulated industries or dealing with regulated data such as healthcare and payment card industry (PCI) data could be out of compliance. This can result in possible fines or having key trading partners terminate their partnerships.

DCG realizes it’s a huge undertaking to make the switch to newer Windows versions, but with our experience and expertise in upgrading hundreds of servers, we know how to make the process easy. The updated Windows products are highly improved over Windows Server 2003, and we firmly believe the move is worth it.

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