IT’S FREE! Windows 10: Yes! Finally a Worthwhile Upgrade to Windows 7 & 8!

IT’S FREE! Windows 10: Yes! Finally a Worthwhile Upgrade to Windows 7 & 8!

At long last, Microsoft is finally releasing a Windows upgrade now that it's done with months of beta testing.

Reviews are positive on Windows' newest version. Features (or lack thereof) that made Windows 8 unpopular are being replaced with those of earlier Windows versions that were sorely missed by users. In a nutshell, Windows 10 contains all the best features from previous versions, and none of those that made users want to leave Windows altogether.

Windows 10 is free for those currently using Windows 7 and 8. While Home users can upgrade within 30 days, DCG Technical Solutions recommends that business users wait to upgrade in order to verify application compatibility. Microsoft will prompt users to upgrade via an icon on the task bar. We recommend registering, for the upgrade immediately so your upgrade will be reserved, but don't install until you have verified that your apps are compatible with v10.

Don't hesitate to contact us at DCG to further discuss your future transition to Windows 10.

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