Cool Stuff – Kevo’s Keyless Entry

Cool Stuff – Kevo’s Keyless Entry

Everything is going the Bluetooth route -- even the key to your front door.

The Kwikset Kevo's Bluetooth 4.0 lets you unlock the deadbolt on your door with a simple tap, as long as your carrying your linked smartphone or the the Kevo keychain fob. Want to "leave a key" for your friends and neighbors? There's an app for that -- the Kevo App, which allows keyless entry for people of your choosing. (The beauty of this app is you can easily reclaim your keys from flakey family members or ex-mates.) Real life, traditional keys may also be used with this lockset.

I use a Nest thermostat, and I link it to Kevo, making it easy for the lock system to tell Nest that I am "away," thereby saving energy while I'm out.

The Kwikset Kevo is as easy to install as a standard lockset, and there's a "thick door kit" for those who need to accommodate huskier doors. At around $170, it's the second most expensive Bluetooth lock on the market but is much more humble, and less "notice me," than others on the market, looking from a distance like your everyday standard lock.

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