IT Talk – Don’t Talk About Your Problems…Screenshot Them

IT Talk – Don’t Talk About Your Problems…Screenshot Them

Ever get tongue tied finding the right words when trying to explain your technical difficulties to your IT guy? There’s a remedy for that.

Taking screenshots and sharing them with your IT professional is an efficient and effective way to communicate your troubles and find a solution. There are several ways to take screenshots on both PCs and Macs.

PC Screenshots

I prefer to take screenshots on a Windows PC using an easy-to-use screen capturing tool called LightShot (which is free to download). This works with the PrtScn button on your keyboard and allows you take a shot of either the full screen, or just a portion of the screen that you select. The screenshot can then be saved in several ways (to your local/hard drive, a clipboard, and even online to a free file storage service), and its online editor lets you crop the image or add special effects, among other things.

Of course, there’s always the option of using your PrtScn button without LightShot or another utility, but I don’t recommend it. Using PrtScn alone doesn’t show the screenshot immediately. You have to find it stored on your clipboard and then paste it into your email or whatever program you’re using, and doing so requires a lot of extra clicking around.

Mac Screenshots

There’s an excellent shortcut to Apple’s built-in screenshot tool in OS X. To take a shot of your entire screen:

  1. Press the Command key
  2. While holding this down, press the Shift key
  3. Still pressing both of these keys, press the 3 key

You’ll then hear the camera shutter click and find your screenshot immediately on your desktop.

To take a shot of just a selected portion of your screen, do the same as above, but use the 4 key (instead of 3). Your cursor will change to a “crosshair pointer” (which looks like much like a +). Place the pointer at the top left corner of what you want to capture, then drag it around the rest of the image you want captured. As soon as you let go, you’ll hear the picture being taken and automatically saved as an image on your desktop.

Take a screenshot on your iPhone as well! Simply press the home key and power key at the same time. The shot will automatically save to your photo stream.

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