It’s Free! – Windows 10: A Porthole to Speed and Familiarity

It’s Free! – Windows 10: A Porthole to Speed and Familiarity

The much-anticipated Windows 10, launched in July, is the first-ever free upgrade for Windows 7 and 8 users.

This upgrade was necessary for Microsoft because Windows 8 was - to be blunt - a flop. The upgrade is by far worth it, not only to be rid of Windows 8, but also for improved speed and great new features, such as as Cortana (a Siri-style personal assistant), Microsoft Edge (allows note taking directly on web pages), Task View (a virtual desktop manager), and the beloved (and very missed) Start menu of yesteryear, making the learning curve easy.

The free upgrade is limited to certain versions, and has a few drawbacks. Some have cited privacy concerns (no worse, however, than those for Google surfers), apps that are not ready for the upgrade, and an ambiguous future for Universal apps. Nevertheless, the speed and zero cost alone make it worth the switch.

This free upgrade for Windows 7 and Windows 8 users will remain free until July 2016, after which it will cost users to make the change.

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