Ask the Answer Guy – How Can I Avoid Malware During the Holidays?

Ask the Answer Guy – How Can I Avoid Malware During the Holidays?

Dear Brent,

A lot of holiday shopping is happening online in the workplace. How can I keep my business safe from Malware?
It's important to be aware of malware and viruses (and other vulnerabilities) all year, but during the holidays, that importance is heightened to red alert. I can't say it enough: Having a good anti-virus solution in place is essential, but in addition, you must head off any potential problems before they start with more significant protection. And in the workplace, employees are unfortunately spending a lot of their time on your company devices doing their personal shopping.

Your security is at higher risk than ever during holiday time because nearly everyone, including your employees, are on their computers, browsing, buying, and emailing. Links with receipts, gift cards, notes about plans, etc. are flying through everyone's emails, so folks are more quick to click these links without really considering who (or what) it may be from. Before you know it you've inadvertently clicked a malware-infected link or opened a malicious attachment. Consider also the fact that there's a lot of travel during the holidays, and those who take their laptops and other devices with them are likely to take advantage of the unsecured, public Wi-Fi offered in airports, coffee shops, etc. (see Tips and Tricks - Beware the Public Wi-Fi).

DCG Technical Solutions' BlaskguardTM secures your system both internally and externally. It lets us control Web access by intercepting DNS requests on devices, thereby proactively filtering out malicious phishing sites and blocking social media sites, porn, gambling, and other sites that typically spread malware and waste time. The service also offers the option not to block such sites and just monitor users' Web activity.

BlaskguardTM offers complete protection of devices, real time visibility of activity, and daily reporting on:

  • Specific Cloud services (e.g. Gmail, Salesforce, Dropbox, etc.) being used by employees on the network, giving you a complete picture of your service usage and security.
  • Top 10 websites visited
  • Top 10 violators (based on user’s name or computer used)
  • Hourly and daily Internet usage graphs
  • Non-web protocols of file sharing applications

Click here to learn more about how BlaskguardTM can save you during the holidays and throughout the year.

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