DCGLA Featured in Pasadena “Outlook”

ISS-Above inventor Liam Kennedy talks to students at Ernest Lawrence Middle School in Chatsworth

Students at Harambee Preparatory School in Pasadena, CA have a coveted front row view to the International Space Station, thanks to a generous donation by Brent Whitfield of DCG Technical Solutions, Inc.

Whitfield gifted the school with the ISS-Above, an educational computer that streams live NASA video directly to a television or monitor, allowing the people on Earth to see their planet from the viewpoint of the Space Station and through the eyes of the astronauts.

DCG Technical Solutions has donated to other area schools including Flintridge Preparatory School, La Canada (Sylvie Andrews, IT Director) and Ernest Lawrence Middle School, Chatsworth (teachers Alice Moriarty in Science and Math, and Veronica Goode in English and History).

Invented by Whitfield's close friend Liam Kennedy, this groundbreaking device tells Earth dwellers exactly where the International Space Station is located at all times, and alerts us to when it can be seen in our own skies. "It happens five to seven times every day," Kennedy told the Pasadena Outlook. "If you look up, you can actually see it as it goes by."

Since Kennedy does not like to toot his own horn very much, Whitfield does so instead.

"I accompanied Liam to three area schools to do the ISS-Above installations and I observed, first hand, how he connects the kids to the astronauts and countries associated with the International Space Station in a way that is profoundly inspiring," Whitfield said. "His short talk creates excitement and wonder about the International Space Station, and experiments therein, in a way that engages and truly inspires the kids."

Whitfield noticed that the quality of the kids' questions, as well as their answers to Kennedy's questions, seemed to surprise their teachers, but not Kennedy. "He truly believes that that the next astronaut, scientist, or physicist may be in front of him as he does these talks, and I'm pretty sure the kids pick up on this. Liam has invented a device that lets everyone see the earth as an astronaut does, and that is really cool. But the work he's doing to bring the wonder of space exploration to kids (big and small) is truly appreciated and admired."

Whitfield thought the gadget was so cool, he's purchased one for his own living room.

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