IT Support in Los Angeles Harbors ‘Yesterday Men’!

IT Support in Los Angeles Harbors ‘Yesterday Men’!

Being in the IT industry for many years now, I've had the opportunity to work with many IT support consultants in Los Angeles, but it's always sad to see some who seem like they were born "yesterday". IT is a fast-paced industry, and one can't call himself "good" if he can't keep up with the pace. For the purposes of this article, let's call these IT consultants' "yesterday men"!

It can be difficult to spot a yesterday man, especially when you haven't met a legit, "good" IT support company. Here are signs that can help you spot one from a mile away; you are working with a yesterday man if he:

  • Never shares with you the login details to your servers. When you can't log into your own servers, a number of issues can occur. In the event of a downtime caused by something you know you can fix, how would you be able to quickly get your site running again? If there are simple changes that you want to make to your site, you obviously won't be able to do that too, without your login.
  • Does not do or provide proper documentation of your network. This means you won't have any idea as to what your critical settings are. This documentation is extremely important because it holds critical information about your network – i.e. how it was developed, and how every moving part affects and works with the rest of the components within your network. If your network is down, you'll have your network documentation to show you how to solve the problem. If you need to scale up your IT infrastructure, you can also rely on this documentation to make the entire process easier and faster.
  • Does not offer your business in Los Angeles a cutting edge remote desktop access. Chances are, they don't have this technology. But it's a must if you want to make your business successful in today's competitive market. This technology allows you to log into your server or use a computer remotely. This capability can help multiply your business' productivity and, of course, profitability because it lets you continue working until whatever time you want to. If you want to operate 24/7, no problem, hire some people halfway across the planet!
  • Has an "IT middleman". Does their help desk seem like it does not know what it is talking about? If so, you are likely talking to a middleman who takes your help desk requests but doesn't have the skill to answer your questions or help you fix your site or network. Their job is to relay your requests to "real" help desk personnel, wait for the reply, and then get that message over to you. This scenario clearly takes longer, which could ultimately lead to hidden costs, lost IT leads, etc.
  • Has a support team that is slow to respond. This is equally damaging to your business as communicating with an IT middleman. And many IT firms out there provide help desk support that's as slow as a snail. In short, if your business site is not operational, then you stand to lose both new and returning customers; and the longer the downtime is, the more opportunities you will miss. If you have to wait for thirty minutes before you get a call from a support staff, then you may be dealing with a yesterday man.
  • Asks you to pay extra for a disaster recovery and business continuity plan. Disaster recovery and business continuity go hand in hand and play an important role in keeping your business operational amidst a disaster. This plan is also useful in reducing the risk of disaster. Look for an IT support firm that provides this plan in your monthly fee.
  • Is not in tune with the latest technologies that could affect your company either in a negative or positive way. There are only two reasons why your yesterday man isn't sharing with you what could potentially take your business to the next level. One, they currently do not offer such technology, or two, they are simply not aware that such technology exists!
    Exhibits all the signs above and yet he's still wondering why his customers have dropped him like a hot potato and moved on.

You IT Support Conclusion

If you are your IT support provider's last and only customer today, then your provider might just be a yesterday man. Further, your provider ought to be "left in your past" if it does not change for the better soon and provide you the services you need and deserve in the Los Angeles area. The problem is that most of these firms are set in their ways, which is, perhaps, why they belong in the past. Don't hesitate to call us if you have any questions about this article. We are DCG Technical Solutions, Inc. and we would be happy to take your business to the future!

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