Mobile Device Management – Is it Right for Your Organization?

Mobile Device Management – Is it Right for Your Organization?

Modern mobile technology is changing the way we do business, and there's no denying the benefits of a mobile workforce: Enhanced productivity, immediate access to data and applications at our fingertips, and the ability to collaborate between remote locations are just a few. When it comes to managing the flow of information to and from these devices, however, things can get a bit difficult; that's where a mobile device management strategy can help.

Need-to-Know Statistics on Endpoint Security

Below is an excerpt of relevant findings from an independent endpoint security study done by the Ponemon Institute from 2015:

"Mobile devices, such as smart phones, have seen the greatest rise in potential IT security risk in the IT environment. Eighty percent of respondents say smart phones are a concern followed by vulnerabilities in third party applications (69 percent), mobile remote employees (42 percent) and the negligent insider risk. Governance and control processes are the biggest gaps in stopping attacks on endpoints. On average, 28 percent of attacks on an organization’s endpoints cannot be realistically stopped with enabling technologies, processes and in-house expertise. Seventy percent of respondents agree that their organizations’ endpoint security policies are difficult to enforce."

Think of MDM as a Container

One that helps your employees easily separate work from play on their smartphones and tablets, all while keeping business information secure and protected. After all, if one of your employees loses their smartphone, what's to stop a curious passer-by from picking it up and downloading sensitive information from the phone's mailbox? Or worse, what happens if the device is hacked?

The available MDM offerings have matured into powerful, easy-to-use solutions that grant you complete control over the business applications and data your employees can access from their mobile devices; with powerful features like application restricting, geo-fencing, remote wipe and more. You can do things like limit access based on location or immediately clear the device of all business data in the event of a theft or breach.

MGM - Emerging Tools Designed to Solve This Problem

MDM is an easy-to-use platform that simplifies the management of personal devices – without compromising the user experience, security or privacy. MDM solution provides flexible approaches for enrollment, asset management, policy enforcement and the distribution of profiles, apps and docs, all based on device ownership (whether corporate or employee-owned). The solutions handle day-to-day MDM monitoring and management, and only escalate back to you the alerts that you want. It’s truly a set-and-forget solution.

Getting started couldn’t be easier. In just a few quick clicks, a system administrator can start enrolling devices and immediately manage the entire mobile device lifecycle — from enrollment to enterprise integration, configuration and management, monitoring and security, support, and analytics and reporting.

The Bring Your Own Device movement is here. With MDM solution you can ensure business information and data being accessed from these devices stays secure. All in just a few clicks, without invading employee privacy and allowing your staff to continue using the devices they know and love.

Talk to your local IT guy or managed service provider to deploy the right MDM solution. Robust MDM options are available from IBM-owned MaaS360, MobileIRON, and Aperian. All are enterprise grade MDM solution that secures and manages mobile devices, apps and content. All have offerings that will work for small business or the enterprise.

A good IT guy, or managed service provider will cover help you find the best vendor by asking the following questions:

  1. Requirements for effective Mobile Device Management
  2. Areas of focus for small businesses considering MDM
  3. The effect of BYOD on small business
  4. The high growth and large potential of BYOD devices by employees in small business.

Mobile Device Management is a quickly growing problem for small business, but thankfully there are solutions that mitigate risks. Whether these devices are work-issued or personally owned, companies need help when it comes to protecting their information access points, and MDM is that solution.

Reference: Ponemon Institute Research 2015 State of the Endpoint Report: User-Centric Risk

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