Is There Another IT Outsourcing Model in Los Angeles Besides Break-Fix or All-Inclusive?

Is There Another IT Outsourcing Model in Los Angeles Besides Break-Fix or All-Inclusive?

Looking for IT outsourcing in Los Angeles can sometimes be quite difficult, especially if you're hoping to find something besides the prominent break-fix and all-inclusive models. In this article, we'll be discussing both the models you're dealing and a new one on the scene, which we offer.

The Old Way

All-inclusive/break-fix IT service models suffer from a number of key flaws. For one, the "inclusivity" at play with this model typically means understaffed IT companies with employees who don't know how to specialize. This translates to longer delays in service -- which can be a huge penalty in business -- and a general pain if you encounter a problem that they don't know how to handle or aren't suited to handle.

Oh, yes, there are forms of support that all-inclusive providers don't actually give. Just like any other contract you've ever dealt with in your adult life, there's always a catch that undermines what seems like a great deal on the surface. If what you need isn't explicitly included in your "all-inclusive" contract, then your IT provider likely doesn't have the necessary equipment or training to handle it.

An even worse scenario is when they do... but intentionally leave it out of the proceedings. This way, they can charge extra upon their supposedly fixed fee, since the fixed fee only covered what was included in the all-inclusive contract, which might start looking a lot less all-inclusive under a trained eye.

These issues mean your business suffers a loss of productivity, higher bills that sneak up on you, and, overall, a fairly poor IT support experience. Fortunately, there's a better way to do IT outsourcing in Los Angeles...but how?

The New Way

The best way to go about this is by doing so through managed services.

Managed services in this context is when you're outsourcing key IT support and technology, as opposed to hiring and hosting on-site. This is especially beneficial for smaller companies who can't afford a dedicated IT team. Unlike fixed-fee, all-inclusive IT providers in LA, we try to be something different. You can call our method Open Managed Services. We don't operate under an all-inclusive banner or a fixed-fee methodology.

What we do instead is focus on providing key IT services -- such as the cloud and IT support -- at the most low, affordable price possible while still maintaining quality. You get your basics much cheaper from us than you would from a fixed-fee provider. Then, instead of using an inclusive banner to sneak in extra fees, you only pay for the services you receive. Need an upgrade or repair? There's a fee for that, but that fee is kept at a low price and introduced to you, up-front, so it doesn't catch you by surprise. And if you don't need extra service, you don't pay for it!

Here at DCG Technical Solutions, Inc., we call our services Open Managed Services because what we're charging you for is clear. Your most integral services come at a discount, and while all of our extras do come with an extra fee, we don't make an attempt to hide that information from you with deceitful legalese. We're also Open because, unlike other providers in LA, we're able to offer our services on a month-by-month basis: you don't need to get locked into a contract with us, though that remains an option.

Want to learn more about IT outsourcing in Los Angeles? Read our blog. If our services sound ideal to you, call us today -- (213) 261-3998 -- so we can talk about what we can do for you.

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