The Downside of All-Inclusive IT Support in Los Angeles

The Downside of All-Inclusive IT Support in Los Angeles

Whenever you're browsing for IT support in Los Angeles, fixed-fee and all-inclusive IT providers may catch your attention. The benefits of these services seem obvious at first: if they're all-inclusive, that means they can handle anything you throw at them; and if they're fixed-fee, that means you don't need to worry about hourly mix-ups or inconsistent pricing with what they've done before.

Unfortunately, it isn't always that straightforward.

The Issues

All-Inclusive Means Time-Consuming

When you're looking at IT service providers offering all-inclusive services, it's important that you take the time to realize that that comes with downsides. One of the biggest downsides at play here is an extended waiting time -- you can wait half an hour or half a week to get the support you need from all-inclusive IT providers, just because they're stretched so thin and likely don't have enough employees.

All-Inclusive Isn't All-Inclusive

Even though these providers may be stretched thin over a large range of products and services, that also doesn't mean they're necessarily all-inclusive. Your typical managed service provider is going to cover only what's under their fixed-fee -- this means you need to read between the lines in legal documents to find out if your issues are actually covered, and if you make the mistake of assuming they are, you may just find yourself with extra headaches.

For instance, if the IT provider isn't actually suited to handle all the work being put out here, they're going to have to acquire the extra equipment and do the extra research required to fix your problem. This translates to a higher bill for you, and it doesn't stop there.

Even if they are perfectly suited to handle your issue, it may not be included in the legalese that you sign. This means your fixed-fee isn't actually fixed, and you get charged for "extra" services on top of what was supposed to be all-inclusive!

What They Mean For You

These issues can greatly damage your productivity. Things being delayed are never good in business -- but especially not when you're having problems maintaining your systems and servers. IT support in Los Angeles can already be prohibitively expensive -- adding additional time delays from fixed fee service providers means that your systems are down for a longer time than they would be otherwise.

You would expect "fixed-fee" and "all-inclusive" IT providers to be consistent with month-to-month pricing, but they usually aren't. This is on top of the blows being made to your productivity.

If you've been paying large monthly bills for supposedly all-inclusive support, are you getting your money's worth? Take a look at what your IT partner is actually doing to decide if you are.

What You Can Do Instead

The thing is, you probably aren't. So what's the solution to avoiding issues with fixed-fee IT providers?

Well, you don't go with fixed-fee providers. The best support service doesn't come from those people -- instead, you should be embracing the power of the MSP, or Managed Service Provider. Managed services allow you to enjoy the benefits of remote monitoring, maintenance and other essential solutions at a discounted flat rate each month. The only time you'll need to pay extra is for support calls -- but instead of things being sneaked onto your bill, you'll only be billed for things you know you need and are paying for.

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