Why Is Bundling Internet Failover Technology Critical for Cloud Computing in Los Angeles?

Why Is Bundling Internet Failover Technology Critical for Cloud Computing in Los Angeles?

Cloud computing is one of the latest tech crazes in the world of both business and the consumer. That being said, however, the cloud isn't without its critics -- and if you're shopping for a solution that uses cloud computing in Los Angeles, you may be concerned about the biggest risk threatening your cloud services.

To understand that risk and how it works, we'll need to take a moment to talk about how the cloud works.

How The Cloud Works

The cloud is really just a term describing computing being done off-site, instead of in the same building. For instance, cloud storage services like Dropbox or Google Drive allow you to store your data in secure external servers -- the same concept applies to the cloud, albeit usually at a much higher level of sophistication.

You see, a full cloud solution will make use of cloud apps. This means that all of your data and applications are being stored and manipulated off-site in a data center. While this is far more secure than an on-site solution (not to mention more resistant to things like power outages or major accidents), there is one key weakness that can be exposed in cloud applications.

This weakness is the Internet connection itself. For a business running purely local hardware and software, dealing with the occasional Internet outage is nothing. A full cloud solution going offline, however, could fairly wreak havoc.

Internet Failover Technology Is The Solution

Even on-site servers usually have secure, external backups. Data centers multiply this by dozens or even a hundred fold, and don't stop with data backups -- surge protectors, uninterruptible power supplies and backup generators are all at work in your average data center to make sure that a server never goes offline.

Unfortunately, not even the very best cloud computing setup can prevent an Internet connection from experiencing stability or outage issues. This is on the side of the company paying for cloud services, as well as the Internet Service Provider they're using for the connection.

Fortunately, there's a solution to this issue. Internet failover technology is used by businesses all over the world alongside a cloud solution, and it works by using two different ISPs simultaneously. While this is an increase in cost, having two independent Internet Service Providers means that it's highly unlikely for both to go out at the same time.

Internet failover technology allows businesses to use a smart router that seamlessly and automatically switches between connections at the sign of any issues. For you and your business, this translates to virtually no downtime, and for your customers it means a faster, higher quality of service.

LA is quickly becoming a large hub for innovation. Why hold back cloud computing in Los Angeles when its only real weakness is fixable?

What Now

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