How Would Cloud Computing Help Your Los Angeles Business Prepare for a Recession?

How Would Cloud Computing Help Your Los Angeles Business Prepare for a Recession?

The economy is an iffy, impulsive beast. A recession can come along at any time, and when it does, businesses the world over need to be prepared. Are IT support departments prepared for a recession? Are you? Does your business in Los Angeles use cloud computing?

The Cloud Can Prepare You For A Recession

In the past, recessions severely affected businesses -- including their IT support in Los Angeles -- because they needed to downsize their IT support budgets in order to survive. This might not describe you and your business -- some firms were able to make it by just fine, and kept their large IT staff, but in our modern day, that kind of model can't last forever.

Smarter firms who have been impacted by recession responded by cutting out all but the most essential IT staff and then moving to a cloud-based solution. In addition to its cost-saving features, firms are now saving money on their IT budgets and experiencing the additional benefits of the cloud as a platform: but how does cloud technology help prepare you for a recession, anyways?

How The Cloud Helps

It prepares you for a recession by removing your dependence on expensive on-site hardware and tech support. With the cloud and Desktop as a Service, you can save a significant amount of money that would otherwise go to purchasing a lot of computers, expensive on-site hardware, owning a server, and maintaining all of that tech. Additionally, the cloud has better fault tolerance and redundancy by nature of its platform -- this means that major outages and disasters that could otherwise destroy your data entirely won't touch any of your business-vital info, and it won't cost you extra to get back up and running.

A business operating on a shoestring budget can be devastated by disasters in the IT department if they lose all of their vital data and their servers go down. With the cloud, all you need is an Internet connection to get back up and running.

You Don't Need To Wait

The best form of IT support is being proactive, not reactive. Being proactive means acting well before anything bad is on the horizon for you and your business: it's thinking ahead and taking extra steps ahead. Cloud service isn't just better for the value (by allowing you to save on expensive hardware upgrades and IT staff), it also offers more powerful features for businesses, such as location independence.

Using cloud computing in Los Angeles, employees can work and access company information using their computers, phones and tablets at home, on the go or across the world -- i.e. it doesn't lock you down to any one place. In addition, since most of the management is being done automatically in the cloud, your remaining IT staff won't be burdened by a bunch of maintenance -- instead, they can prioritize the most important issues before all others, giving you a faster response time when it matters most.


Most industry analysts and economists are saying that a recession is extremely likely in 2017, so it's best to prepare now than be sorry when the economy enters a recession.

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