Is Your Current Network Support Department Empire Building in Los Angeles?

Is Your Current Network Support Department Empire Building in Los Angeles?

The gold standard for Network Support in Los Angeles is how fast a support technician can respond to an emergency or support call. Anyone that's had to wait in line calling the cable company knows that manpower is a big part of how long it can take a company to respond… and one way to avoid that is by having a large, full-time team of IT support personnel on staff.

The question this necessary?

Low Knowledge of IT Costs You Money

A common issue with IT is that many older or less tech-savvy executives don't know the real cost or importance of IT support. A lack of knowledge of IT and Network Support in Los Angeles can be problematic in one of two ways: businesses downscaling IT because "nothing is going badly, so we don't need them" or businesses overpaying for IT because "they know that computer thing and I don't".

Your ideal IT support team will be performing so well that you'll never know anything is wrong, because they're taking action to prevent that from happening and quickly fixing it when it does. This leads to people not knowing when they need their IT team and when they don't.

The opposite problem can be just as bad -- IT professionals can take advantage of ignorance by charging more for basic services, hiring more people to get a bigger presence, and more. If you don't know enough about what's required for good IT support, you can be taken advantage of by your IT staff. There's a term for this kind of behavior from your IT department.

IT Departments Like To Grow

IT departments that are focused more on their growth and profits than the health of you and your company; are doing what's called empire building. Empire building means that the heads of the IT department are trying to grow so they can be more prominent in the board room -- but this can and does come at the expense of the company's budget and performance.

The only way to prevent things like this is having a good level of knowledge of IT, and keeping an eye on performance statistics. Let's talk about how you can save money on your IT budget.

How You Can Save Money On IT

Even without malicious empire building behavior, you may be spending too much on IT. With the latest solutions in cloud computing, IT support technicians can deal with more people than ever. What used to be one person to ten computers can now be one person to one hundred, given the right network architecture and network support team. Cloud computing is extremely powerful for IT and networking support, and you should definitely see if it's a good solution for you.

Learning More About IT

To learn more about cloud computing, IT solutions and Network Support in Los Angeles, head over to our blog to get yourself informed. We're DCG Technical Solutions, and you can contact us with any questions you have about IT support or technology.

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