Can Your IT Support Company in Los Angeles Justify Their All-Inclusive Plan?

Can Your IT Support Company in Los Angeles Justify Their All-Inclusive Plan?

So you're paying for IT support in Los Angeles, but how do you know you're getting your money's worth? For a single flat fee, many providers offer an all-inclusive support plan. This is an obvious step up from a simple break-fix plan, which is more expensive in the long run, but is an all-inclusive support system the right solution to this issue?

What is All-Inclusive?

An all-inclusive IT plan bundles maintenance and most forms of IT support for a monthly, fixed fee. Unfortunately, many users can find that this fixed fee is quite high, especially if they know how to treat their servers and don't deal with frequent bouts of downtime or technical issues. An all-inclusive plan is reasonable for many businesses that lack tech-savvy users or don't know how to care for their hardware, but proper system monitoring and maintenance can alleviate the need to pay extra for IT support.

What are my alternatives?

You have two alternatives available for IT support in Los Angeles. If all-inclusive isn't the thing for you, you can go with one of the following:

  • Break-fix. Support that focuses on fixing problems after they arrive, not working with you long-term to prevent them.
  • Managed Services Light. Support that combines aspects of both All-Inclusive and Break-fix for the best of both worlds.

Why should I consider Managed Services Light?

More in depth, what we're calling Managed Services Light is a form of IT solution that's steadily growing in popularity. This is because it provides an ideal model for most businesses: a cheap, flat fee for system monitoring and maintenance, plus an hourly fee for on-site support whenever something actually goes wrong. In theory, this could stack up to being more expensive than other solutions, but the business model is mostly prevalent with companies that know how to manage their tech and have confidence in it.

Managed Services Light effectively counters many of the issues faced by other solutions. An hourly fee encourages workers to respond quickly to support calls, and to work quickly as well, since you and your employees are going to notice people dragging their feet or taking too long to respond to a support call. In fact, many All-Inclusive plans aren't even all-inclusive, since some don't cover certain IT tasks and will charge an hourly fee for certain services, ruining the point of a fixed-fee to begin with.


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