How Is Your IT Outsourcing Provider in Los Angeles Handling Your Help Desk Requests?

How Is Your IT Outsourcing Provider in Los Angeles Handling Your Help Desk Requests?

There is no question that it is quite beneficial for small and medium businesses to invest in IT outsourcing in Los Angeles. You don't have time to do it yourself, nor do you want to focus your staff resources on this type of task. However, when you need help from your IT company, how do you know that you are speaking with expert IT personnel? What if the IT provider you have hired is outsourcing their help desk staff? This can mean long delays for businesses and a loss of profits.

Signs of Outsourced Help Desk Personnel

To determine if the IT service provider is outsourcing their help desk personnel, the first thing to do is to call them when you have an issue. While on the phone, consider the following:

  • Does the help desk personnel seem knowledgeable about common tech issues?
  • Are they familiar with your business needs?
  • Do they seem lost and confused when speaking with you?
  • Do they state that they will return your call soon?
  • Do you receive communication from another person after your initial help desk call?
  • If you answered yes to any, or all, of these questions, you have a pretty good indication that the help desk response team is outsourced

Why Do IT Companies Outsource their IT Help Desk?

There are several reasons that IT help desk outsourcing in Los Angeles occurs. One could be because the company wants to make sure a customer has a valid complaint or problem. They screen the calls with this outsourced help desk and keep their lines open for customers’ with more pressing issues.

Another reason is to reduce their expenses. Outsourcing help desk personnel means they can pay less for someone to answer the phone. If they actually have a tech professional answering the phone, they are going to have to pay them adequately, whether the issue is not serious or one that requires much help. With outsourced workers, they pay less and ensure their technicians are only answering legitimate IT-related calls.

The Problem with Outsourced IT Help Desk Staff

This may seem well and good until your business requires immediate service or assistance. If you have to call an outsourced help desk, it means that you are going to have to wait for someone to call you back. For some businesses, just thirty minutes of downtime can lead to a huge loss of productivity and profits. If the actual tech support professionals were answering help desk calls, this downtime could be avoided.

Additionally, you are not paying to have to wait for IT service. You pay with the understanding that you will receive the services you need when you need them. If the company is outsourcing their IT help desk, this is not the service you are receiving.

Calling the IT help desk should be a simple and straightforward process that gets you the help and solutions you need. If you have found that you are using a service provider that outsources their help desk, then it is time to change to a more efficient and effective service. If you have questions about this topic or you want to learn more about IT outsourcing in Los Angeles, contact the helpful staff from DCG Technical Solutions, Inc.

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