Is Your Computer Support Provider in Los Angeles Playing Keep-Away With Your Passwords?

Is Your Computer Support Provider in Los Angeles Playing Keep-Away With Your Passwords?

Is your computer support in Los Angeles taking you hostage? Small and medium businesses are now using technology more than ever to compete well in the market. This is why many of them are looking for technical support to tackle system issues such as data loss, security, slow performance as well as other network and system problems. When looking for a tech support provider, you must consider several factors to ensure that you pick the right one. Apart from verifying the certifications, how long it has been in existence and its level of support, you have to ensure that it complies with your security and password policies.

How your IT support provider can hold you hostage

Just like you have all the keys to every room in your brick and mortar business premises, you should also have all the keys to your entire company IT system. This is because it forms the core part of your business. Well, you may have trusted it in the hands of your support provider, but that does not mean that you are out of it. You need to have access and control of all your computer logins and passwords at any time because your IT provider is not only working for you but also with you. Without the knowledge of your IT logins and passwords you:

  • Can never manage any device on your own not even a simple one.
  • Cannot change anything on your site or make simple adjustments.
  • Are not empowered to take full charge of your business.
  • Will find it hard to switch to another provider for better services.
  • Are being held hostage by your support provider.

Which passwords should you have access to?

If you want to make a switch, not all computer support providers in Los Angeles can be supportive of your decision. There are those who will feel the bitterness of losing your business and may want to hijack your efforts leading to longer downtimes. This is what you can avoid when you have access to all your system passwords. While you may not be an IT expert, you need to be sure to have the passwords to the following; even if you will not be using them.

  • Internet connection
  • Company server admin
  • Email hosting admin
  • Firewall login
  • Website hosting account login
  • Wireless devices portal login
  • Domain name registrar login

These accesses will ensure that you can manage anything within your system at any time. For instance, if your Internet connection goes down, you will have the login information to contact your Internet service provider which saves both time and money for you. Some of the login information can be assigned to an admin person to handle issues that may arise.


Do not allow your IT provider to hold you hostage by keeping your IT system logins and passwords away from you. Choose a provider that will adhere to your security and password policies and who will give you all the support by working for and with you all the way. Contact DCG Technical Solutions, Inc. for the leading IT solutions, and computer support in Los Angeles without any frustrations.

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