Is Your Los Angeles IT Support Provider Still Providing You Dinosaur Remote Access?

Is Your Los Angeles IT Support Provider Still Providing You Dinosaur Remote Access?

Your business needs to feel that it is running on up-to-date technology, otherwise it starts to feel like a dinosaur company stuck somewhere in last century. There are plenty of ways you can save time and money on your IT expenses as the cloud begins to replace what used to be routine tech work. If your IT provider does not offer cutting edge remote desktop access, then you might need a new Los Angeles IT support team that's at least aware of this highly efficient business technology.

Business Competition

The competitive nature of business alone is a strong reason to upgrade your Los Angeles IT support to a level that gives you the greatest competitive edge. Technology is something you cannot afford to cut corners on, so it's best not to risk quality when it comes to tech support. You may also not win the praise of the most talented IT professionals if you choose to use a mediocre IT service with employees that don't keep up with new technology. Remote desktop services are protected by state-of-the-art encryption, giving you more peace of mind and confidence to focus on your business instead of the platform that it runs on.

Remote Access

The most efficient way to run a business is in the cloud so that employees can access data any time from any remote device. Remote access is a powerful option that works for businesses that are not dependent on location. It's also ideal for businesses in which employees need to be out on the field frequently, not to mention good for reducing delays caused by the traffic commute. Your business gains much more flexibility if you allow remote access from any device. The more a company is based on the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) philosophy, the more it can save costs on hardware and energy.

It's now possible for a company to be based completely in the cloud and not use any physical office space. A freelance virtual assistant is an example of a worker that does not need to use company resources. Call centers that no longer need to be based in one central location can also benefit from remote access. Since remote access gives a company more flexibility to deal with customer issues, it can resolve problems quicker, leading to improved customer loyalty.

Higher Profits

The flexible time schedule model is attractive to competitive digital businesses that sell products 24/7. The more your company can stay open for business, the better chances profits will increase. The idea that you can hire people all over the planet at competitive rates gives you the opportunity to widen profit margins. There are many ways that an experienced tech support team can help a business cut costs and increase profits by enhancing the customer experience.

Successful IT consultants make security a high priority, since any data breach can seriously cut into profits. The more you can impress customers with zero downtime, the more you will gain their loyalty over time. Winning consultants also help steer companies in directions that will reduce over software costs, whether it involves licensing deals or monthly access fees. The combination of robust security, lower costs and offering enjoyable customer experiences are the keys that put an online business on the path to increasing profits.


The best IT companies are full service operations that strive to use the most economically efficient solutions for clients. To learn more about Los Angeles IT support, visit DCG Technical Solutions, Inc. and ask to speak with a representative. Make sure your company is supported by technology experts who care about your business.

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