Learn How State-Of-The-Art Desktops Are Transforming IT Services in Los Angeles

Learn How State-Of-The-Art Desktops Are Transforming IT Services in Los Angeles

Los Angeles IT services are in for a huge change with the rise of new mini desktop computers. While on the surface this may not seem like a big change -- as most of these machines are smaller and therefore significantly weaker than larger counterparts -- the secret doesn't lie within the machines themselves, but rather the power they channel using the capabilities of the cloud at a fairly low price.

What Is The Cloud Doing Here?

Cloud computing is used to describe computing tasks that happen off-site, in an external server, usually one of many in a massive data center. By storing, manipulating and maintaining vital business information over the Internet, data security and redundancy are made better than ever due to high standards held by cloud and data center providers.

Your data in the cloud isn't just secure -- it's protected by constant backups, so in case anything does happen, you'll be starting fresh with a recent copy of your data in no time. In addition, data centers focus on having backup generators and uninterruptible power supplies to ensure that actually causing an outage would take much more than tripping over a power cable.

With the usage of the cloud, most desktop tasks can be done remotely. In addition, these virtual cloud desktops are automatically updated and maintained, along with other software, since the cloud manages its updates on its own, without needing external user input. This means that upgrades and updates are completely seamless on the user’s end, thanks to the power of the cloud.

More and more Los Angeles IT services are adopting the cloud for its capabilities -- and these new mini desktops are some of the best hardware to go along with it.

Why These Desktops Are Changing The Game

Due to their size and low power, these mini desktops are incredibly cheap to manufacture and purchase. With the movement of business operations and data to the cloud, no longer are regular computer upgrades necessary to keep up with the times. All the power is being handled elsewhere -- the mini desktop that you're using is simply channeling all of that to you.

These benefits mean significantly less money spent on hardware and refresh cycles. Even in situations where the machines fail, their low price means they can be quickly and easily replaced, and since all of the operations are being done on the cloud's side, users don't need to worry about losing their work or data in case of something happening to their computers.

If you've heard about these little machines, chances are you either have one already or are considering getting one.

Learn More

To learn more about mini desktops, cloud solutions, and other IT service expertise, head over to our blog to read up and build your knowledge. On our blog, you can find information on protecting your privacy and security, as well as getting an expert-level insight into the IT industry and how it works.

Here at DCG Technical Solutions, Inc., we don't sell mini desktops. We do, however, cover IT services in Los Angeles, and we're more than capable of helping you with any issues you might be having with the cloud, cloud adoption or these new devices. If you're having trouble, feel free to contact us for a consultation.

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