The Cost of IT Support Distraction in Los Angeles

The Cost of IT Support Distraction in Los Angeles

Many concerns come with IT support in Los Angeles, but one that isn't often considered is the price of IT support staff getting distracted. Now, employees being distracted at work usually aren't a huge cause for concern. Of course, if a supervisor catches someone slacking, it's best to set him straight. But nobody considers the distractions that can face people actively doing their job...and how it can cost you.

The Cost of Distraction

When people think of distraction at its worst, they imagine drivers on the road being distracted by their phones and getting into accidents. Now, we're going to settle this right from the beginning: the consequences of support distraction aren't life-threatening. However, it does cost your employees' productivity, and therefore their time, and therefore your money. It's common knowledge that a distracted worker who catches on to their distraction can lose 23 minutes just refocusing on what they were working on prior to getting distracted.

Of course, this begs the question: who should you be worried about getting distracted?

Who Gets Distracted

A common pitfall of companies paying for IT support in Los Angeles is that they push all of their tech support requests through an IT liaison, or a middleman. These middlemen have the job of taking on all of the support issues that your business is having and communicating them to the service provider. This may sound fine and dandy on paper, but in truth these liaisons are often barraged with support requests from all angles, many of which are similar due to issues in the system that have yet to be fixed.

The longer it takes for him to get through it all, the longer before he has a full report ready for the IT service provider, the longer it takes for your employees to be sure their problem will be handled, and the longer it takes for the problem to be handled. It piles up like that. IT liaisons have one of the most difficult, overwhelming jobs that an employee can have, especially if they're the only person doing the job in a growing business.

So, how do you prevent this issue?

How To Fix It

The best way to fix an IT liaison being distracted and barraged with too many support requests is to remove the middleman altogether. Productive employees need to be able to focus on just one or a few jobs, not dozens at the same time. You should be looking out for a support company that provides you with direct access to the team -- one without a middleman. With features like a 24/7 online help desk, getting a support ticket through to your support provider is quicker and easier than ever -- and with better communication comes better results.

Here at DCG Technical Solutions, we consider ourselves one such company. If you are looking for IT support in Los Angeles and a company that operates locally, then contact us for a consultation -- let us help you increase your productivity!

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