There’s One Attitude Towards Cloud Services That Hasn’t Changed in Los Angeles!

There’s One Attitude Towards Cloud Services That Hasn’t Changed in Los Angeles!

Most businesses understand the benefits offered by cloud services in Los Angeles by now. These services can reduce the overhead of having an on-site IT department, help workers become more productive since documents can be accessed from anywhere at any location, and provide a secure way to maintain important, sensitive information throughout the years.

However, there are still quite a few business owners that are being pressured to have their data reside somewhere else in the country. For most business owners, however, this is something they are adamantly against. Why? Because having local IT hosting services provides them the ability to utilize the cloud and still maintain physical control of the system. This is impossible if the data isn't local.

The Benefits of Local Colocation Data Centers

Since physical access is one of the primary advantages offered by colocation, why would a business owner want a data center that is located all the way across the country, or even the world, for that matter? This negates the entire purpose. Here are some of the reasons to make the move to use cloud services in Los Angeles, and why staying local is the best course of action for a business:

  • 24/7 Access

    Quite a few business leaders who take their data off-site are worried they won’t have access to their server stacks, which creates the risk of being locked out. When a local colocation facility is used, business owners have access to their documents on the cloud and hardware at all times.

  • Keep an Eye on Security

    Security is one of the main comforts offered by a colocation data center. If the facility is local, checking up on the security at the location in person is not an issue. Business owners can even use biometric security features or key cards to limit access to their servers. Additional regulated entry features and camera surveillance can help to ensure the data is not tampered with in the actual, physical location.

  • Monitor Redundancies

    Data centers that provide cloud services have to have certain HVAC power, backup generators, conditioned power and sophisticated security present. Also, each of these necessary systems needs backup in the instance of a failure. Colocation facilities are built in an effort to meet all of these needs and since they are monitored by professionals, a business does not have to worry about issues or loss. Since they have opted for a local center, a business owner can also check up on the systems and the failsafe backups at any time.


The fact is, remaining local with a business’s cloud data center services just makes sense. It provides the business with the ability to monitor what is going on with the hardware, as well as security. If the location was across the country there would be no way to know, for sure, that everything was being handled properly. To learn more about cloud services in Los Angeles and why choosing a local data center is a smart choice, contact the professionals from DCG Technical Solutions, Inc.

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