DCG Technical Solutions’ CEO Brent Whitfield Joins StorageCraft’s Partner Advisory Board

DCG Technical Solutions’ CEO Brent Whitfield Joins StorageCraft’s Partner Advisory Board

DCG Technical Solutions’ CEO Brent Whitfield Joins StorageCraft’s Partner Advisory Board


Los Angeles, CA—August 5, 2016—Brent Whitfield, CEO of DCG Technical Solutions, Inc., recently joined the Partner Advisory Council for StorageCraft, one of the world’s most trusted companies in the IT backup and disaster recovery industry. A partnership that spans over 11 years and counting, DCG Technical Solutions and StorageCraft work together to provide complete data restores for clients whose systems have crashed.

DCG’s Dependable SafeSTOR is powered by StorageCraft, which provides the image-based backups that allow for the restoration of a crashed server to a working local server or in the DCG PrivateCLOUD. StorageCraft handles the hourly image backups performed by DCG, and it allows DCG to mount restore points that give access to the clients’ data, should data loss occur on servers managed by DCG.

“I am highly honored to serve on StorageCraft’s Partner Advisory Council,” says Whitfield. “Our excellent relationship with StorageCraft results in a one hundred percent success rate when restoring data for clients’ crashed servers. For over 11 years, DCG and StorageCraft together have been able to satisfy each and every client thanks to StorageCraft’s flexibility. StorageCraft lets us vault the data in the client’s colocation, branch office, DCG PrivateCLOUD, and Amazon Web Services. Also, StorgeCraft can vault the data themselves at their state of the art data center in Draper Utah at an extremely competitive price point. All of these options StorageCraft provides are among the many reasons we’ve partnered with them all these years.”

Tim McDonnell, marketing strategist for StorageCraft and co-facilitator of the Partner Advisory Board, said, “The voice of the channel is by far the most important guiding factor in the countless daily technical and human decisions we make at StorageCraft. Because of his deep understanding of the business results that flow from the IT solutions that DCG provides, Brent Whitfield’s insights are essential to the success of our Partner Advisory Board. DCG Technical Solutions makes a positive impact on our business every day, not only by being one of our top performing channel partners, but also by being a fierce advocate for the end users they serve. Brent gives us priceless input on product and service improvements that matter most to the market.”

About DCG Technical Solutions, Inc.

DCG Technical Solutions, Inc. has been providing IT support in Los Angeles, including a generous range of server backup and business continuity services, since 1993. With DCG PrivateCLOUD, its enhanced co-location and PrivateCLOUD infrastructure, DCG Technical Solutions gives its clients heightened scalability and ease of deployment in the cloud with the security and performance of local, dedicated server hardware. DCG was recognized by MSPmentor as one of the Top 10 Fastest Growing MSPs in North America. Brent has been featured in Fast Company, CNBC, Network Computing, Reuters, and Yahoo Business. For more information on DCG Technical Solutions, visit DCGLA.com.

About StorageCraft

The StorageCraft family of companies, founded in 2003, provides best-in-class backup, disaster recovery, system migration and data protection solutions for servers, desktops and laptops. StorageCraft delivers software products that reduce downtime, improve security and stability for systems and data, and lower the total cost of ownership. For more information, visit WWW.STORAGECRAFT.COM.


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