DCG Technical Solutions and StorageCraft Work Together on Disaster Recovery

DCG Technical Solutions and StorageCraft Work Together on Disaster Recovery

DCG Technical Solutions, based in Los Angeles, California, has been an MSP - first a VAR, and then MSP - since 1993. We have a valuable and interesting relationship with StorageCraft - a relationship that actually goes back to 2005.

We’ve been associated with StorageCraft and their products for about 11 years and the one thing that – if another partner asked me, “Well, what are you going doing for BDR? What are you guys doing for disaster recovery?” - one of the reasons I say StorageCraft is because we’ve never, ever had a problem with the restore.

There’s a lot of backup solutions out there but what StorageCraft is really good at is the restore process and, especially in light of the latest threats, we’ve been in a position to do quite a few restores because of Crypto and some other ransomware out there, and we thank the stars every time we get through a successful restore which has been, again, 100 percent with StorageCraft.

The other thing that we enjoy about StorageCraft - and as far as I know they’re the only vendor that we can do this with and it’s really important to our clients and it’s really important to us - that is StorageCraft lets us vault the data in the client’s colo, in the client’s branch office, or in the DCG Private Cloud (which is our private cloud offering), or Amazon Web Services. They will also vault the data themselves at pretty competitive price points. So with StorageCraft, we’ve got like four, five option as far as vaulting the data.

Since there’s really not a one-size-fits-all answer to what clients want as far as the storage of their encrypted data, we find StorageCraft is the most flexible. And I would say that’s one of the biggest reasons that we’re staying with them and that we’re finding is lacking in all the other products.

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