Is It Time to Get on the IT Services DaaS Bandwagon in Los Angeles?

IT services in Los Angeles are more regularly providing DaaS options because of this innovation's cost-saving effectiveness. Desktop as a Service uses the power of cloud computing technology to make your company's digital platform mobile. This allows employees to fix problems independent of a specific workstation. Software can be designed, acquisitions can be made, and numerous advantages are available from this new frontier of development.

The Cloud Computing Advantage

Cloud computing utilizes a computer network. These servers have processing power which increases on itself, facilitating rapidity. Think of it this way: where one computer will take a certain amount of time to process a gigabyte, a thousand computers can take the load of that gigabyte across their breadth, and process it in the same time it requires for each of them to go through a megabyte. Such a cloud network would have an efficiency-increase a thousand-fold over an individual desktop workstation.

Certainly, not all cloud computing options are so vast, but the illustration stands. Beyond providing exceptional mobility, desktop as a service often provides more efficient operational ability. It wouldn't be any good if you could take your working desktop anywhere and deploy it on any device should doing so require accounting for exceptional lag. A mobile option must be as fast as your desktop workstation in order to be effective at all.

New Competition On The Market

Because of the cumulative positive advantages inhering to DaaS, IT services in Los Angeles have grown competitive in their implementation of it. The marketplace is currently ripe, and getting involved with this new family of innovations now will likely make you privy to savings that won't be available in the future. Eventually desktop as a service will transcend the realm of cutting-edge, and very likely become a standardized feature of the modern working environment precisely because of its profitability.

This and other cloud applications are very quickly becoming market standards. In certain computing capacities, there aren't analogues to cloud options; and real-time processing is becoming better on a continuous basis. Ignoring the potential financial advantage of DaaS could ultimately end up being an expensive mistake, should the trend continue as it has been.

Finding The Right DaaS Provider

Since desktop as a service is an emergent platform, it is very recommendable to ensure that whichever service you choose has strong experience providing traditional IT Services in Los Angeles. You're going to want things like:

  • Proactive support (as opposed to reactive support)
  • Hybrid cloud hosting
  • Disaster recovery and storage
  • Web-hosting
  • Anti-spam

Also, when you're using cloud computing options, you are going to want tenured support that is branching out continuously and expanding with the cloud. Because if there is anything sure in the modern realm of technology, it is that developments are happening, and they are happening fast. Think of an iMac from the early aughts. It was a boxy thing the size of a television -- one of those old vacuum-tubed conglomerations of funk and redundancy. It held a few gigabytes. Today you can fit 128 gigabytes on your smartphone.


Technology is marching on, and savvy businesses are finding companies that are continuously on the cutting edge, expanding with the cloud, and providing support as they go. Desktop as a service through DCG is comprehensive, supported, and ultimately profitable. If you want to get on the Daas bandwagon, or you want to learn more about innovative IT services in Los Angeles, call us at 213-261-3998 or visit,

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