Are the IT Consulting Techs — Coming to Your Los Angeles Office — Contractors?

Are the IT Consulting Techs — Coming to Your Los Angeles Office — Contractors?

Local IT Techs: Definitely Preferable To Contractors

In regard to IT consulting in Los Angeles, small to medium-sized businesses generally agree that consultants and technicians shouldn't be contracted out through a national provider. One reason for this is that many MSPs have switched to a national model that sends out contractors. Understanding that small and medium-sized businesses aren't generally amenable to such contracted IT personnel, many MSPs have a business model that tries to hide the fact that they use contractors.

When contractors arrive on-site, it immediately becomes apparent that they aren't local and will not be able to provide the same kind of service. As instances like this increase, it becomes difficult for businesses to find locally-sourced technicians, but no less necessary. Following are several reasons why localized IT support for on-site calls is eminently recommendable to any contracted option, and where you can find a service that won't send out a contracted technician.

Familiarity Of System Operation

A local IT technician who has dealt with the same client multiple times won't have to re-invent the wheel learning individual configurations. They can build rapport with the client, and knowledge of the machines they're working with. This can save hours of billable work. Sometimes an issue will crop-up that's fairly simple, and a local tech will know how to resolve it before he or she even arrives on-site. That will likely never happen with a nationalized contractor.

Sensitive Information

IT consulting in Los Angeles which comes from locally-sourced providers can offer heightened security by keeping those with access to such information at a minimum. Backup and recovery systems are necessary in modern business, but necessarily they must backup the most crucial data. Contractors who maintain such a system may not be the same from visit to visit; in fact they probably won't be. This means any number of people could potentially have intimate access to operation-critical data. For many small to medium-sized businesses, this is simply intolerable.

Different Loyalties

A contracted IT person will definitely not have the best interests of the business they're providing IT support for in mind. Certainly they may act with all professionalism, but their "bread" is buttered by the agency which hires them, meaning they are going to have loyalty aimed that direction. Best practices and common procedures will be part of their operational parameters, meaning there will likely be certain things that have a fixed, non-negotiable cost, or that technicians will simply refuse to do. There is enough bureaucratic red tape around operations as it stands without adding a national contracting standard to the mix as well. When an IT person instead works locally and on a regular basis with clients, it is their prerogative to align their technical support with client goals for the maximum benefit of both parties.

Finding The Right Local Solution

Your business will benefit the following if your IT consulting needs in Los Angeles are purveyed by a local institution:

  • Familiarity of system operation
  • Greater security
  • Increased capacity to work with client through lessened bureaucracy

At DCG Technical Solutions, Inc., we seek to provide small to medium-sized businesses in Los Angeles and surrounding area with the best local technicians available. We offer tailor-made solutions that slice through the red tape like butter and provide you continuously secure, trustworthy operations.

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