How Are Frontiers’ Fees Connected With IT Support in Los Angeles?

How Are Frontiers’ Fees Connected With IT Support in Los Angeles?

When you are searching for quality IT support in Los Angeles, the last thing that comes to mind is likely airlines or airfare. However, there are some interesting ways to relate the two seemingly completely different topics.

When you first find out that Frontier is charging for each carry-on bag, you may feel a bit upset. After all, this means you have to spend even more money to fly. However, there are several benefits for the passengers that you may not realize if you don’t look past the surface.

Some of the main advantages of this new fee include:

  • Ability to quickly board and exit the plane
  • Guaranteed seating

When fewer bags are being loaded into the seating area on a plane, it means people are going to board and sit down. They aren’t going to have to stow bags in the overhead bin or beneath the seats. Also, since you have to pay for the bags you bring onboard, it means that you are going to have a guaranteed spot for your carry-on item because not everyone is going to want to pay the additional fee.

The Relationship Between Carry On Luggage and Managed Service Providers

This same principle applies to the managed services concept when it offers its unlimited services at a flat rate. While this may sound good and the idea of being able to bring on many carry-on bags at no cost is appealing, it doesn’t quite happen like that. There is a limited bandwidth to the average provider of IT support in Los Angeles. This means there is no guarantee that the tasks you asked them to complete are going to happen promptly. This is because there are such a large number of requests. Some tasks get put off, which means you are going to have to wait.

Solving the Excessive Wait Problem

If you have discovered that your IT service provider is having you wait around regularly or that your IT projects are always postponed, then you may want to consider moving to the per hour model to guarantee that someone is working on the IT project when you want it completed. There is no waiting, and the work is done right away.

Essentially this is now the model that Frontier is using. The carry-on bags are the “per hour” charge that the IT staff receives. It means you are guaranteed a spot for your bag on the plane and that your IT issue is worked on and resolved in a timely and efficient manner. This reduces downtime and increases productivity.

The Bottom Line

If you are ready to have your IT solutions solved promptly, then switching service providers is often necessary. The team at DCG Technical Solutions, Inc. offers you the service you need, when you need it. Many business owners have discovered the benefits provided by the per hour charge for the IT support and service they require. Consider this carefully when selecting your IT support provider in Los Angeles.

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