Is Your Los Angeles IT Services Provider the Right Fit for Your Business?

Is Your Los Angeles IT Services Provider the Right Fit for Your Business?

Once you've signed a contract with your Los Angeles IT services provider, you need to make sure they live up to their promises. Simply trusting that they will serve your needs may not yield the best results. By taking a more proactive approach to holding IT to its claims, you will have more control over your business. Here are ways to evaluation IT firms and how to decide if they fit your needs.

Break-Fix Situations

If your Los Angeles IT services provider only offers break-fix solutions, meaning they're only available when something goes wrong, you can be in a vulnerable position. A big problem with this strategy is that without an onsite technician that can provide immediate help in emergencies, downtime can be extended longer. Additionally, if you only employ IT to fix problems, then they may not be motivated enough to help in as many ways as possible.

Proactive Management

Find out if your MSP is charging a small monthly fee to proactively manage your business infrastructure. Ask yourself about how well they are managing your hardware and software. Here are basic questions to ask when exploring to find a new IT provider or finding out from your existing provider how well they are protecting your digital assets:

  • How often do you back up data?
  • Do you offer a disaster recovery plan?
  • How much testing and training can you provide?
  • How confident are you that data loss can be prevented through duplication?
  • How reliable are your services in terms of maintaining zero downtime?
  • Can you make recommendations about future development?

Beyond Basic Support Packages

Many MSPs only offer basic support packages. This generates experiences similar to the break-fix solutions. If all you are getting are basic services, then your business has less chance of being on the cutting edge of new technology. Even if that's not your goal, you can suffer in other ways. If it's a firm that has high turnover and does not place value in technical expertise, it can affect the quality of your business.

It's important that your IT provider stays up to date on technology so that they can present new options to you as your business grows. The more technology improves, the more efficient your business will become.

Fixed IT Support Agreements

Business relationships involving technological development are best served with fixed IT support agreements. This arrangement means that the IT support team offers multiple services beyond the basics at a fixed fee. Find out if your IT provider offers this option, if you need it. You will gain the most advantage by working with the firm that gives you the widest array of choices, since your policies and needs will likely evolve as your business grows.

If you are going for the highest quality IT services, then you need to emphasize skill level, problem-solving talent and knowledge of new products. High quality also means demanding the most state of the art enterprise applications and top level security solutions.


If you are not being served properly by your computer consultant, contact DCG Technical Solutions, Inc. We are a Los Angeles IT services provider with years of experience and innovation and we have a reputation for reliability. Tell us your needs and we can provide custom technology solutions designed specifically with your business in mind.

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