Are You Gambling with Your Current IT Support Provider in Los Angeles?

Are You Gambling with Your Current IT Support Provider in Los Angeles?

Don't Play Support Ticket Slots

IT support in Los Angeles that doesn't provide continuously trustworthy results might as well be an allegorical quarter in a slot machine. Think about it: you can win by gambling--- yes, one out of a thousand times. You'll spend hours at the slots, then spend hundreds of dollars (potentially), and one of those thousand times that you pull the one-armed bandit's lever, you'll win ten bucks. If you're bad at math, you may even feel as though you’ve been successful. That's probably one of the reasons Vegas casinos always offer free drinks: the more booze you have in you, the harder it is to add two and two. Also, flashing lights and clanging bells become more effective.

Your IT provider shouldn't be equatable to a slot machine. They should be more like a roof over your head. A good roof won't leak, it'll keep heat in your home, and you can depend on it perpetually. A slot-machine roof is full of holes; but if the wind is just right, sometimes you'll get through the night without getting wet when the thunder comes. Variability of that kind will cost your business extensively over time.

How to Avoid Gambling on IT Solutions

IT support in Los Angeles should come with an SLA or Service Level Agreement. The SLA guarantees that the IT provider will deliver a certain level of service continuously. Now, some SLAs have aspects of them which could be negative to your own operations, so it’s always important to read this documentation carefully.

The right IT service provider will include a response time for support tickets in their SLAs. If they infringe their agreement, then they've transgressed a legal boundary which is likely to result in actionable repercussions from the client's end. When you find a company that holds itself accountable, you won't have to bring them to account in order to expect a dependable service you've purchased--- you’ll simply get a dependable service. And, while a slot machine IT company may serve your needs 60% of the time, it only takes a 1% failure to result in bankruptcy.

Ransomware, malware, system crashes, and other exigencies can put the brakes on the profit train post-haste. It makes sense, then, to think of IT support like a portion of overhead expense as integral as the roof of the building under which your business operates.

What to Look For

Deductively, a number of service provisions will specify what IT solutions are likely to have more trustworthy SLAs and accompanying service:

• Multiple Locations
• IT Support for Networks in Los Angeles
• Proactive Support/Monitoring
• Disaster Recovery
• Cloud Solutions

When an IT services group has multiple locations, that means their infrastructure is requisite to multiple top-tier clients, and service can be speedily delivered. Los Angeles is, as of 2016, 502.7 square miles. When an IT group has delivery times guaranteed by an SLA for LA computer networks, you know they're on the level. That's not possible without top-tier provision. Neither is proactive monitoring and support, disaster recovery, or cutting edge solutions like cloud computing.

At DCG Technical Solutions, Inc., we provide IT support in Los Angeles that goes the extra mile and is backed up by SLAs and infrastructure throughout multiple locations. Contact us for service that's no gamble.