Don’t Pay for IT Support Providers’ Learning Curve in LA!

Don’t Pay for IT Support Providers’ Learning Curve in LA!


IT support in LA shouldn't involve paying for the education of your IT support personnel. But unfortunately, this often ends up being the case with certain IT provision companies. There's a psychological reason for this that’s fostered from the top-down in America. The bad news is, this psychological perspective is pervasive. The good news is, finding those who don't subscribe to it is very easy, because their service is head and shoulders above the rest.

Fake It till You Make It?

You've heard this phrase before, haven't you? If you decide to go ice skating, can you "pretend" you're an NHL center and suddenly assume the requisite skills as though they were mainlined into your cerebral cortex via a science-fiction-plot device? Can you pretend you're a jet airline pilot and handle a Boeing 747? Because you've fired a BB gun at a tin can, can you really call yourself a big game hunter?

If it doesn't make sense to "fake it" in these scenarios, why should any starry-eyed group of IT kids fresh off the college conveyor belt have the skills requisite to managing your company's IT? Is it because they learned to regurgitate certain facts from a textbook and facilitate some default coding parameters? It doesn't matter how smart or talented they are--- "making" it can't be "faked."

If you want to learn to play hockey, you've got to spend hours learning to master the skates, the stick, the puck, and the other players on the ice raring to smash your skinny frame against the boards and shimmy off towards your team's goal. IT support in LA from a burgeoning, young tech company with no credits, no referrals, and no real experience cannot possibly compete with established tech solutions from businesses that maintain their balance on the cutting edge and have done as much for years.

The thing is, many millennial IT startups will try and let on that they have just the same level of skill when it comes to managing your systems. You don't find out they were bluffing until there’s a real systems issue that requires the condensed experience of an actual expert. In that scenario, suddenly your checkbook pays for the learning experience this new startup is going through with your systems. They may end up fixing the problem, or they may not; either way, you lose where it isn't necessary.

Established IT Solutions

Several indicators that an IT agency isn't "faking it," but have actually “made it," include referrals and multiplicity of location. When another individual praises the work you've done, it has a lot more weight than your own praise. Such praise often leads to an increase in locations as more customers become savvy to the good report. Other indicators of professional service include:

• Proactive Monitoring and Support
• Los Angeles Network Support
• Disaster Recovery
• SLA Service Delivery Standards for Support Ticket Service
• Hybrid Cloud Solutions

An Area Solution

IT support in LA derived through DCG Technical Solutions, Inc. includes tenured service to multiple area codes throughout Los Angeles' 500+ square miles. Our services include cutting-edge solutions from established professionals who aren't faking it to make it. Our services have been vetted and refined over time, and we continue to develop as trends become prominent. Contact for dependable service solutions.