An Earthquake Near DCG’s IT Support Office in Los Angeles Unearths a Mysterious Object!

An Earthquake Near DCG’s IT Support Office in Los Angeles Unearths a Mysterious Object!

A Life-Changing Moment

IT support in Los Angeles was chiefly on Brent Whitfield's mind as he drove to work during a day that would totally change his world.

The particular office Whitfield worked in was in a remote location between Barstow and Los Angeles proper, and he had to pass by a hilly region replete with wilderness. As Brent thought about innovative IT applications that could alter the face of tech support in LA, the road seemed to buckle under him and writhe. Brent brought the car to a screeching halt, but the world kept trembling, and he realized he was in the midst of an earthquake.

Before he could think about it more, a roar split the earth to his right, just before where he would’ve driven, and something altogether unexpected thrust forth from the rock.

An Ancient Discovery

Shaking off the shock of the quake (for Brent was a Californian and knew how to handle himself), he left his vehicle and saw a massive coffin, or sarcophagus. It was half covered in mud and had a translucent shield at its front. A rock had smashed half of this glassy substance. It appeared as though a larger enclosure once covered the coffin and had been broken away in the quake. The next thing Brent realized was that someone was inside the coffin--- sarcophagus, hibernation chamber--- whatever it was.

The Giant

Through the gold-covered enclosure, Brent realized a man who appeared ten feet tall or taller lay without clothes. A glimmering of gold flashed at Brent from one of the man's hands, and it appeared as though he wore a ring.

Whitfield wasn't quite sure what he was doing or why, but he leaned in closely over the broken portion of the enclosure and pried the ring from the giant's finger… it was cold to the touch. For a split second, Brent thought the muscular form moved, and for the first time, he looked at the man/creature's face. It had a Roman look to it and was covered in hair as gold as the outside of the chamber.

But the ring was captivating him again. He stood holding it and took a step back, thinking what he should do about the giant in the chamber, when suddenly the world roared and shook, and the coffin was covered in rocks and dirt; and then the earth broke outward even wider, and the whole chamber was sucked into some subterranean cave where it fell until it was gone.


Then, the quake was over and Brent alone with his new acquisition, marveling that only minutes ago, he'd been enthralled by new possibilities for IT support in Los Angeles as imagined by DCG Technical Solutions, Inc., whom he was employed with. He'd been putting together a presentation that would include a bulleted glossing over of the company's offerings, which included:

• IT Support Throughout LA
• Pro-active monitoring and Support
• Cyber Security Assessments

...and other such high-tech, innovative provisions. Now he’s walking to his car with the golden ring of some ancient giant from some exceptionally advanced past civilization--- and what civilization could that be to produce such a mythical creature? From IT support in Los Angeles to Atlantis/antediluvian myths, Brent had come full circle in a matter of minutes. Who would ever believe him?