Brent Decides to Use the Ring’s Power to Provide Better IT Support in Los Angeles!

Brent Decides to Use the Ring’s Power to Provide Better IT Support in Los Angeles!

Brent Gives In

Brent Whitfield tried very hard to throw himself into his job as a purveyor of IT support in Los Angeles, but he was up to date on everything and the allure of his discovery was too great. Ultimately unable to restrain himself, Brent went out onto the office floor with the ring on his finger. He was entirely invisible.

Getting out of the office unseen was easy, but didn't go unnoticed. To those walking by, Brent's door just seemed to magically open, then close behind itself. A woman stood gawking through Brent for a moment, and he feared he was visible. But just before he said something that would have given him away, the woman--- a new intern he didn't know--- said, "Huh. No breeze in here girl, you need to cool it on the Monday night Margaritas," and she continued walking as she had been.

It took Brent a moment to realize what she meant, but then he put it together: she'd been out celebrating the previous evening; today was Tuesday. And she hadn't seen him.

This was interesting. At the back of his mind, Brent wanted to see if Loretta in accounting shared any of his crush on her mutually or if she didn't even know he existed. He was resisting the urge to find her cubicle and see if he could catch a stray word about himself, instead, when walking silently by the break room, he heard something which immediately changed the trajectory of his thinking.

The Conversation

"IT support in Los Angeles is great and all, but I want a raise," said a skinny guy with circles under his eyes and a sour look.

"Well, we all do, but Rome wasn't built in a day." the second speaker was an older gentleman with laugh lines around his eyes.

The first speaker didn't look impressed. "Yeah, well, this is 2017, not Rome. We provide great services like:

• Proactive Monitoring and Support
• VoIP Solutions
• Cloud Computing Services
• Server Co-Location

...and so much other stuff! DCG Technical Solutions, Inc. is a successful business and one of the best purveyors of IT support in Los Angeles. So my question is, where's my piece of the pie? This company is doing excellent, customers love us, but what do I get, huh? I think it stinks!"

"Have you done anything to distinguish yourself or do you just gripe about your pay all day?"

The skinny man with the baggy eyes looked thunderstruck, then, "Ah, forget you, man," and he walked through the doorway. Brent barely had time to dance out of the way, invisible as he was, and he had to run ahead of the man on tip-toe and duck into an open office so as to avoid a collision.


If it hadn't been for the abilities the ring gave Brent, he never would've overheard the conversation--- and what a bad attitude that guy had! Brent knew from experience that the attitude of a company's employees was more important than almost anything else, and at that very moment, he understood the true value of the ring and how he could really do something worthwhile with it. He would help facilitate positive attitudes with the ring, and so, transforming DCG into one of the best tech companies in the world.