IT Consulting Business Advice for Los Angeles: Are You Losing Talent to the Competition?

IT Consulting Business Advice for Los Angeles: Are You Losing Talent to the Competition?

If you own or manage a business, you’ve likely lost a talented employee to a competitor. One way to prevent employees from jumping ship is to outsource tech work to an IT consulting firm in Los Angeles. However, even if you rely on a professional team of IT gurus for your network needs, you still have to employ some in-house personnel. Let's take a look at how you can keep your talent on board for the long haul:

The Retention Problem

Just about every hiring manager has extended a job offer to a talented prospect, guided him through the on-boarding process, invested resources in his training… and then watched him leave for a competitor. You’re not completely powerless when it comes to employee retention. Though employees will always be tempted to pursue other employment opportunities that pay more money or offer additional benefits, they can be persuaded to stay.

Focus on Positive Reinforcement

Employees are primarily concerned with salary raises, incentives, benefits, and other means of compensation. Most workers are not obsessed with their job title or responsibilities. The bottom line is that people go to work to make money. You might have the best onboarding process in the world and a laid-back office environment, but employees will still be tempted to pursue other positions.

The key is to make employees feel as though they’re properly compensated. If you conduct yearly job performance reviews, consider making them bi-annual. If employees know that they’ll receive feedback concerning their job performance every six months as well as the chance to receive a bump in pay, they’ll be more inclined to stick around.

Benefits Matter

Aside from salary, employees are also concerned with benefits. It’s not uncommon for employees to accept a similar salary with a competitor because they offer a better benefits package. If you suspect that your in-house talent is looking for other opportunities or if they’ve already jumped ship, take some time to review the benefits offered to personnel.

From vacation time to insurance coverage and other benefits, the “small stuff” matters a great deal. Certain employees are looking for a flexible work schedule, while others would prefer to work from home for some days of the week. Some are on the prowl for a company that has relationships with IT consulting Los Angeles companies who can ameliorate complicated tech challenges, while many are looking for an organization that fosters a sense of community with frequent company events and social outings.

If you’re not sure as to how you can improve your benefits package, go ahead andyou’re your employees. Find out what your staff would like, consider their feedback, and make the appropriate alterations. These changes will cost money, but they’ll also retain critically-important employees who make a massive impact on your business's bottom line.

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