You Need an IT Support Provider in Los Angeles That Does Not Let Viruses Infect Your Network!

You Need an IT Support Provider in Los Angeles That Does Not Let Viruses Infect Your Network!

By now, you understand how important it is to have the services of a quality provider of IT support in Los Angeles for your business. You rely on this support for network issues, downtime prevention, and more.

For some business owners, they assume it’s automatic that they’re going to receive virus protection services. After all, this represents a huge threat to any business network. However, assuming this service is provided can lead to trouble. You need to make sure it’s outlined in your contract and that the IT support company you’ve hired offers professional and updated virus protection.

The Threat of Viruses to Your Business

Viruses are spread several ways. The most common way is through an email, but they can also infect an entire network when one person visits a malicious website. A little-known fact about viruses is that they can spread directly from one PC to another due to vulnerabilities in the operating system.

It’s the role of an IT support provider to ensure that there’s protection present for your network. If you’re unsure whether this service is provided or not, now is the time to ask. Some of the ways that companies offering IT support can provide virus protection include:

Scanning All Mail Traffic

Your provider of IT support in Los Angeles needs to install software that scans all mail coming into the business. This antivirus software is designed to recognize all viruses. Also, make sure the IT support provider offers ongoing updates for the software installed. New viruses are created and released daily. If you don’t have the latest technology, the chances of an infection are increased significantly.

Installing a Network Firewall

Firewalls offer a high level of protection from various types of inbound attacks from outside a particular zone. These attacks try to exploit the vulnerabilities present in the operating system being used. When your IT service provider installs a firewall, your level of protection is increased.

Anti-Virus Software

Protection is also needed against any virus that’s brought into the business on disks, CDs, laptops, or another device. These devices don’t have the scanning tool and aren’t using the firewall protection. As a result, it’s best to have an antivirus software installed on all devices that are used by the business--- this includes any personal devices that they might use for work.

Common Sense

In addition to providing the software and hardware solutions to maximize virus protection, it’s also a good idea to ensure that workers execute common sense when using network connected devices--- this helps to minimize the potential for an infection.

Keeping your business information safe and virus free is a full-time job. You need to hire a provider of IT support in Los Angeles that offers this ongoing monitoring and service. Learn more by contacting the staff at DCG Technical Solutions, Inc. With our help, you can have confidence that your systems are protected and that they’re going to remain virus free.