Managed IT Services in Los Angeles Are in Demand— and Here’s Why

Managed IT Services in Los Angeles Are in Demand— and Here’s Why

Doing More and Paying Less

Managed IT services in Los Angeles are saving companies substantially and, as a result, they face increasing demand. This can be understood analogously through examining technological advances. The computational abilities of the smartphone in your pocket far exceed all the computing power of NASA in 1969, yet your smartphone is much less expensive. Managed services use technological breakthroughs to facilitate that which previously required in-house solutions likewise separated through cost. As expensive as NASA's computers were in comparison to smartphone costs now, managed services are saving over on-site solutions in similar ratios.

Under the Hood

Managed services take over all the things that used to require an entire department in your company, but for a predictable monthly fee. This is made possible through the cloud, which acts like your on-site server array, but requires none of the expense. When computers networked together can be brought to bear on processing problems, they can process those things faster. Here's an imperfect comparison: if one computer can process a terabyte in about 17 minutes, a thousand servers strung together could do the same thing in seconds without taxing the system. This is because the computing power is spread across the network. In a way, it's holographic. The article in the link is two years old, and substantial advancements have been made since, further streamlining such solutions and ensuring their dependability.

A Bevy of Advantages

Managed IT services in Los Angeles are providing better cloud computing solutions, quickly coming into position as requisite substitutes to solutions managed in-house. As a matter of fact, they do better than replace these functions; they effectively surpass them in terms of business continuity and security. Backup and recovery can be optimized with greater swiftness and dependability through cloud computing solutions. A managed service provider can ensure your systems have up to the hour backups, and facilitate nigh-seamless continuity in the event of a disaster.

Additionally, anti-malware and anti-spam protocols are cutting-edge from a managed service provider--- they have to be; it's the business of the provider to be on top of these trends. A short list of advantages includes:

• IT Operations Made More Efficient and Reliable
• Enhanced Security and Compliance
• Proactive Maintenance
• Cost-Effective and High in ROI
• Facilitates Staff Maximization

When you can proactively monitor systems remotely, operations increase in reliability as well as efficiency. Security and compliance are upgraded through continuous cutting-edge applications of new anti-malware and anti-spam software. All these things at a predictable rate yield high return for investment while simultaneously costing less than the same services conducted in-house, and you get to reapportion employees to more effective use. If you have an in-house system, you'll have some dedicated specialists, but you'll also have non-dedicated staff who divide their responsibilities between tangential involvement with your in-house systems and their regular duties. With managed solutions, suddenly those personnel can focus on more profitable activities than simple technological water-treading.

Increasing Competitive Edge

At DCG Technical Solutions, Inc., we offer managed IT services in Los Angeles designed to maximize efficiency in an extremely cost-effective way. Through cutting-edge cloud-computing solutions, you can get more done with less expense, leading to increasing efficiency. Contact us for competitive solutions.