Prevent Ransomware with Reliable and Secure IT Services in Los Angeles

Prevent Ransomware with Reliable and Secure IT Services in Los Angeles

Multiple Applications

IT services providers in Los Angeles can help you solidify your defenses against increasingly-disruptive malware. From phishing scams to computer viruses with no end but the destruction of your files, to the perniciously illegal capitalistic shenanigans of ransomware, there's a lot you need professional protection against.

But that defense may not look how you expect. Some have, in their mind, this mental picture of IT services throwing an operative into the programming matrices of their infected system. There, the professional fends off the hacker and recovers data. Well, maybe in the movies. In reality, most hackers are disenfranchised former industry professionals. They understand intrinsically how to do what they do… and are quite clever. They say the best offense is a good defense, and this principle also applies here. You want to be prepared for the inevitable so you can combat it when it comes. The likelihood is, there are some protections an IT professional actively monitoring your systems can bring to bear against hackers. They may be able to stop some ransomware attacks without the need for you to reboot from an old backup. But having that backup is integral to continuity. Here's a basic strategy layout:

• Institute automatic patching and anti-malware software
• Create a backup solution
• Continuously audit your backup solution
• Have available multiple backup versions going back days/weeks/months
• Isolate backups so production systems are separate
• Regularly backup your systems

Looking Closer

When it comes to patching, there are scenarios when you're going to have software flaws that usher in Malware. Several examples are:

Flash Flaws:

• CVE-2015-8446
• CVE-2015-7645
• CVE-2015-7645

Microsoft Silverlight:

• CVE-2016-0034

Automatic patching could’ve protected your computer against these flaws, functioning as a malware deterrent. In addition to protocols which provide functionality that protects your computer, you want actual software dedicated to protecting your systems.

These should come in conjunction with some backup system. IT services providers in Los Angeles often have cloud backup solutions which can provide more continuous backup and greater business continuity/data recovery. It's also very good to have an on-site backup solution. With a tech service, auditing of backup solutions will be part and parcel to the provided service. With your on-site backup, you have to complete the audits internally. To that end, you also need more than one backup, and you want your additional backups to stretch back at intervals. For continuous backup solutions, you'll find that some form of connectivity is required between your systems and your backup solutions. But you also, as much as possible, want to isolate your backup solutions from your productive systems so a bug doesn't wipe them both out. It's the same principal as keeping president and vice president separate to maintain government in case of assassination. In any event, that's why you want multiple generations of backups: for proper isolation protection and availability.


When looking to buff up computer security, it makes sense to source IT services in Los Angeles from professionals known for providing such support. At DCG Technical Solutions, Inc., we offer technical solutions including backup and data recovery, as well as cloud-computing solutions that include hybrid applications. We can advise you concerning best practices with system maintenance and management. Contact us to protect and streamline operations.