Strategies to Reduce IT Support Cost with IT Consulting in Los Angeles

Strategies to Reduce IT Support Cost with IT Consulting in Los Angeles

On-Site or Outsourced?

IT consulting in Los Angeles can help you save substantially while retaining competitive IT solutions. One way is through outsourced solutions. The more you maintain operations internally, the more you're going to pay. Unless you can afford to spare expense, this is a costly way to conduct operations.

If you're maintaining your operations from an on-site server array, you've got to invest in hardware, software, and personnel. The hardware houses the system, the software facilitates production applications, and your personnel ensure everything is updated and properly maintained so you get the most from your investment. So, you've got to buy the equipment, install it, and pay those who do the "heavy lifting," as the saying goes; then you've got to pay to remove it when upgrades become necessary, and you have to pay for on-site backup options. It requires an additional division in your company, and it's a cost you can cut substantially.

Cloud Possibilities

If there are files that must be maintained on-site, you’ll definitely need data protection and backup support. But, outsource what can be outsourced to an operation providing such services. IT consulting in Los Angeles can help you determine which portions of your operation are most apt to be taken over, and which can't be. Generally, cloud computing can help you maintain the majority of your infrastructure and productive needs less expensively. Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) pretty much surrogate the majority of conventional server functions. HaaS is like your storage--- you can apportion hard-drive space on which you can load software like AutoCAD or some other such design platform. SaaS allows you to use the cloud like you would a conventional server. At that point, all you need is a solid Internet connection and end-user portals. Such portals could be tablets, laptops, desktops--- whatever is most convenient.

Service Delivery

Going this route will literally save you thousands, but you want to be careful the support group you choose is up to the task. Some features of quality service that can match your conventional on-site needs while saving you thousands include:

• Backup and Disaster Recovery
• Cloud Computing
• Hybrid Cloud Solutions
• Server Co-Location
• Anti-Spam/Malware Software
• Consultation
• Business Continuity Planning
• Proactive Maintenance Support Plans
• VoIP

With proactive maintenance, your systems are continuously monitored for maximum functionality and security in operations. Business continuity uses backup and disaster recovery solutions that are, in some instances, cloud-sourced, ensuring the most diminished losses in the event of a disaster, or some sort of malware. Anti-spam and anti-malware software solutions solidify defenses against viral compromise. Hybrid cloud solutions allow maintenance of certain proprietary computational needs onsite while retaining cloud options for speed in production, savings in computational elasticity, and business continuity in the event of emergency. Server co-location further streamlines operations, and VoIP saves companies substantially, depending on their size. Generally, the larger the organization, the more they have to save when it comes to the VoIP switch.

Actionable Services

When you're looking for IT consulting in Los Angeles, DCG Technical Solutions, Inc. offers top-tier solutions both on-site and in the cloud. You can consolidate your operations through our services and save substantially. Furthermore, we can offer you an increased competitive edge through cutting-edge tech and reduction of operational costs. Contact us for more information!