Brent Uses the Rings’ Power to Ensure Customer Satisfaction With Their IT Consulting Services in Los Angeles!

Brent Uses the Rings’ Power to Ensure Customer Satisfaction With Their IT Consulting Services in Los Angeles!

Saving the World One Business at a Time

IT consulting in Los Angeles was at a cliff. Brent Whitfield would use his powers for good or for evil. In his mind, he saw himself being a knight in shining armor, bringing the torch of savings to a peasantry bereft of profit. Certainly, his initial model wasn't built from bad intention, but would almost certainly have led to the prideful arrogance of unchecked power. Yet what he found through observing real people is that real troubles pertaining to IT existed, and virtually no one was trying to make the situation better.

During a routine surveillance operation, Brent observed this exchange:

"Have you seen what they did to Carl?" The question came from a man in a sweater of unfortunate design.

His friend in an equally unfortunate sweater-vest replied: "Guy's got so much heartburn I've started taking antacids sympathetically."

"They really raked Carl over the coals, didn't they?" continued Bad Sweater. "I told him the break-fix model was a bad idea, but he said there was no choice; the flat-fee guys were overcharging, and we already had a few months left on our in-house IT team. Of course, they got wind their department would be cut, and just showed up to collect a check the last couple weeks. So, then they're gone the servers crash, and when the break-fix guys send in vendors, they charge way more than if we'd just stayed with the internal department."

"Carl ought to look into the cloud," Sweater Vest commented.

"It would certainly save money!"


The Same Old Song and Dance

The story was similar across the board. Many organizations offering IT consulting in Los Angeles were simultaneously undermining clients. They'd charge more than they needed for flat-rate services, or give a bottom dollar rate on the break-fix model and let vendors charge as much as they could.

Increasingly, Brent would avoid his IoT surveillance and actually walk among prospective clients--- albeit invisibly. He wanted to keep their trust. As he heard their problems, he realized there was a real need here, and the right individual could do true good. It wasn't just MSPs and vendors undermining clients' ability to conduct profitable business. It was the government itself, taxing unfairly and creating a code almost beyond navigation.

Clients needed cost-effective services at bottom-dollar rates, but to get what they wanted they would have to pay so much it essentially forced them to scale back. Many weren't able to make it "over the hump,” and faded away.

So, Brent sat down and made a checklist of services that were often overcharged, and which DCG Technical Solutions, Inc. could help provide. The list included:

  • Cloud Computing Solutions
  • Backup and Data Recovery
  • Continuous Monitoring and Support
  • Cyber Security

IT consulting in Los Angeles that helped clients find cost-effective solutions would change the whole region, and to this Brent realized he aspired. It was at that point that he held the ring, flipped it in the air like a coin, caught it, and said: "Looks like I don't need you anymore, eh? I know what to do with DCG to make this company a unicorn: operate honestly, openly, and cost-effectively." And so, Brent tucked the ring away in a drawer, and turned to his computer to design a game plan.