The Ring Allows Brent to Begin Spying on IT Support Competitors in LA!

The Ring Allows Brent to Begin Spying on IT Support Competitors in LA!


"We provide IT support in LA, Armstrong. We've got many clients, a lot of costs. So, here's the deal. We can pay 33% of what we were for those drives. If you can't do that, I'm sorry; we'll have to find another vendor." Ultimatum delivered, Brent Whitfield leaned back in his chair and waited for Armstrong on the other line to quit gaping.

After a few moments, Armstrong replied: "Let me get back to you."

"Sounds good, you know where to find me," and Brent hung up, commenting: "Sounds like a 'yes' to me!"

This, in abbreviation, is how Brent cut total vendor costs to 25% of their previous financial impact. It was then time for phase two: client discounts. And he was so excited about moving forward that he practically felt giddy. As it turned out, he would actually be able to do what he had wanted to for decades: cost-effectively expand operations in a way where everybody won. But he would have to do this with the invisibility ring, and that was something else entirely. He knew clients wanted discounts, but he wasn't sure precisely what would make the current cost-effective aspects of DCG Technical Solutions, Inc. most visible.

Positive Espionage

Brent wasn't a particularly huge Tom Cruise fan, but had always enjoyed the Mission: Impossible yarns. Now he felt like Ethan Hunt, slipping in and out of client businesses on the sly.

Brent had a problem. He couldn't enlist assistance in his campaigns because then he would have to come clean about the invisibility ring. It's just possible someone would try to steal it, or give the information to another organization of some kind. But as a provider of IT support in LA, Brent was well-versed in many modern cutting-edge tech applications. DCG offered clients services like:

  • Proactive Monitoring and Support
  • IoT Facilitation
  • Cloud Computing Solutions
  • Cyber Security

His plan was simple: he would install monitoring programs and devices which uploaded to a cloud server maintained by DCG. From there, he would use a number of keywords and keyword phrases to parse through unnecessary data and identify that which directly defined client needs. He programmed in words like: "discount," "savings," "reduction," "expansion," "cutting-edge," and others.

Dance Like You're Invisible

Brent discovered that regardless of his clothes, or what was in his pockets, the ring turned him and everything in contact with him invisible. So, he was able to install cameras, audio equipment, and even a few Trojan programs completely without detection. He found he liked to dance while he did so. He could truly dance like nobody was watching--- he couldn't even see himself! For a man restricted in his body-language through proclivity and maturity, this was a release like none other.

He did get in trouble once or twice, though. At a magazine publisher in Glendale, Brent was moonwalking out of the break room and fell over a young woman coming from the other direction, producing a profusion of apologies, and then several utterly startled looks that effectively communicated a suspicion of internal insanity. Brent had stood silent and breathed for a moment until she blinked and moved on. When she left, Brent laughed, jumped up, clicked his heels, and sashayed over to his next target client. IT support in LA would never be the same again.