If a Better IT Consulting Offer Fell out the Sky in Los Angeles, Would You Consider It?

If a Better IT Consulting Offer Fell out the Sky in Los Angeles, Would You Consider It?

A Popular Folktale

IT consulting in Los Angeles, precisely as you need it, can come from surprising places. It's said that Sir Isaac Newton began to understand gravity when an apple fell from a tree and hit him on the head. There are some who would dispute this event as apocryphal, but as a metaphorical illustration, it still works very well. Because new ideas, new opportunities… they're all around us, all the time. So, the question becomes: how open-minded are you? Should a new IT consulting proposal fall from the sky like Newton's apple, would you ignore that proposal, or would you look into it? Sir Isaac Newton certainly didn't ignore it, and that gave us one of the first theories of physics the modern world has known.

Constant Flux

Technology continuously develops. There's a principle called Moore's Law which indicates that a doubling of computational technology can be expected at regular intervals. As a result, services and service delivery will naturally upgrade with time. There will always be new innovations available on the market. In order for your business to remain technologically cutting-edge, you must be diligent to monitor technological developments as they come. It makes sense to search for and peruse IT proposals. Compare them against your own services and see if there’s greater service delivery here or there, as opposed to what you're currently using. You shouldn't be afraid to switch service providers if you find something which more cohesively matches your business's needs.

Utilizing proper IT consulting in Los Angeles can keep you abreast of burgeoning tech trends and help you transcend previous levels of service delivery such that your operation quickly reaches the next level. But this will definitely require you to open your mind to innovative developments.


What makes the most sense is buying with an eye toward the upgrade. Don't expect to get more than five years out of existing technology systems before new and improved solutions become available, especially in places like Los Angeles, where everything goes at an extremely fast pace to begin with.

You need to budget in new technology acquisition if you want your on-site systems to remain continuously viable. But there’s a way around this, and here's where Newton's Apple comes in again. Have you heard about cloud computing?

With the cloud, it's possible to run hardware and software applications remotely. You can "rent" server space on a remote array which surrogates the functionality regularly consigned to servers on-site. Then your on-site end user portals simply connect to this server array, and run all the software applications necessary for your operations. This will save you thousands of dollars in the short and long-run, while providing you the same utility you had before; and in some cases, even better utility. With cloud computing solutions, upgrades and maintenance are constant, and will never cost you a penny, as they are the prerogative of the MSP providing such services.

An Opportunity Out of The Blue

IT consulting in Los Angeles through DCG Technical Solutions includes services like:

  • Managed Support
  • Backup and Data Recovery
  • Cloud Support
  • Cyber Security
  • Breach Prevention

...and much more. Contact us for top-tier solutions that are continuously cutting-edge and designed to give your business a competitive advantage in a way that’s extremely cost-effective.