Brent Sees the Dark Lord While Making an IT Consulting Call in Los Angeles!

Brent Sees the Dark Lord While Making an IT Consulting Call in Los Angeles!

Advantageous Possibilities

"What you've got to understand is that IT consulting in Los Angeles is usually an on-going thing. It's not that we're trying to string you along--- it's that if your business is successful, you're going to develop such that additional technical requirements will be absolutely necessary for you to maintain your operations. That's why DCG Technical Solutions offers a full array of services, including--- but not limited to:

  • Local IT Support
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Internet Content Filtration
  • Cyber Security

...and other similar solutions. You're going to need different services at different times."

The man behind the desk looked skeptical, but Brent Whitfield knew he had him hooked. His name was Mike, and Mike was one shrewd dude: "So you're saying your consultation isn't just cost-effective, but it actually streamlines operations proactively over the long haul?"

"That's exactly what I'm saying!" Surreptitiously, Brent stuck his hand in his pocket to feel the ring he had found from the hand of the giant--- since the hologram had been manifested from the ring, he kept it on him at all times even though he knew this put him under threat of the strange Dark Lord that he had been warned of. Holding it now, he smiled: "As a matter of fact, let me just offer you some advice you can have free---"

Sleight Of Hand

There was a bright, bright flash, brighter than anything Brent had ever seen. He would have looked away, but couldn't. He was transfixed. It was... beautiful... and somehow grotesque. It was the beauty of a tiger eviscerating a boar, the beauty of a supernova destroying a planet of civilized people. It was terror. And it was a man in a cloak, floating in the air. Somehow darker than night and brighter---

"You were going saying something about how IT consulting in Los Angeles could give me a deal--- Brent?" Mike had a concerned look.

"Yeah... look, a distraction!" Brent pointed to the floating man.

Mike turned around. "What? I don't see anything... that's just downtown Eagle Rock," he turned back, "Now as you were--- WHAT!"

Brent had disappeared.

Gone, But Not Far

Brent used the distraction to leave Mike's office, but couldn't have known the way he did it was in a way trans-dimensional. When Mike turned, Brent stood and walked through the wall. When Mike turned back, what he couldn't see behind him was Brent slowly approaching the Dark Lord who floated under a cloak midair, calling him through time and space using the ring in his pocket as a means of distorting reality.

"Come, Brent..." Sang the siren song of a demon masquerading as an angel of light, "Let the ring bring you to me, become one of its many wards, trapped in the sweet interstices of eternal time... come, Brent!"

When this glowing Dark Lord said "ring," Brent involuntarily stuck his finger in his pocket, and it just happened that he did it in a way which slid the ring on his finger. Immediately the trance vanished, and he saw the Dark Lord looking around in shock. Apparently, when Brent was invisible, even the trans-dimensional owner of this ring couldn't see him. Brent breathed deep, backed away slowly, and then began running in the invisible world, thinking to himself: "Man... I was the ability to offer IT consulting in Los Angeles ever again!"