Brent’s Ring Speaks While He’s at His IT Support Office in Los Angeles!

Brent’s Ring Speaks While He’s at His IT Support Office in Los Angeles!

"Good" Vibrations?

IT support in Los Angeles was easier for Brent when he was in a creative mood--- he was able to create unique approaches when he had a peaceful, kind of "oblique" aspect to his personality. Right then he had the Beach Boys playing on the radio as he played with the ring he had found and thought of ways to put his new knowledge to good use. The good mood came and he kind of zoned out into a meditative state. It was the first, and would be the only, time he was meditating while holding the ring.

Brent didn't realize being in such a psychological state would produce any effect, positive or negative, but suddenly the ring began to vibrate, to glow, and to heat up. He thought it was an ambient heat transferred through the warmth of his own body at first, but then Brent realized it was something much more, as it was suddenly too hot to hold and he almost involuntarily flung it in the air.


The ring didn't fall to the ground and clatter, rolling under a cabinet somewhere. Instead it floated in place, and began to spin faster, and now the vibration had become a thrumming hum that turned into a projection of an individual who stood so tall his holographic forehead was halfway through the ceiling and his feet went through the floor--- this projection was obviously designed for a larger space: "Who are you, that meddles with the inter-dimensional antediluvian spiritual lens-ring of the Chosen!"

Brent blurted: "My name's Brent! I provide IT support in Los Angeles!"

"What is this abbreviated support of the City Of Lost Angels?!"

"Uh... well, IT means Information Technology, and we at DCG Technical Solutions provide services such as:

  • IT Support
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Cyber Security

...and much more!"

Some Explanations

"I meant more what do lost angels have to do with anything," said the giant hologram.

"Oh, that's just the name of the city. Hey, aren't you like unbelievably ancient? How do you know the English language?"

"I'm communicating with you on a spiritual level, language is but a sub-dimensional construct easily confused by the powers that be. Listen, Brent of the Lost City of Angels! We in antediluvian times also had advanced technological means of encapsulating spiritual energy in technological artifice--- what do you think the ring you have found in the chamber of a "Chosen" one was? We managed to take the learning so far, we were able to combine human and spiritual DNA, and the result was the giants!"

"Wow. And you were able to design holographic computer simulations that could react like real people in real time? That's some AI!"

"No, Brent! I am a real person! But I am trapped body, soul, and mind in the auspices of this technological fulcrum you found in a sleeping chamber! Bound by the Dark Lord! But he is dimensionally dark, to you he will appear an angel of light--and beware, Brent! He will appear! Even now he is alerted to your presence, and will seek out the ring!"

Brent said: "Uh... I just provide IT support in Los Angeles---"

"Good for you! Now my part in this sub-dimensional plot has matured!" And the ring fell clanging to the ground as the hologram vanished.