Celebrate World Backup Day with IT Support in LA

Celebrate World Backup Day with IT Support in LA

March 31 is World Backup Day. Created by research consultant and digital strategy guru Ismail Jadun in 2011, this event reminds people around the world to back up their data. Jadun's hope is that designating the last day of March as World Backup Day will heighten awareness about the importance of regularly scheduling data backups. This annual event is especially important for those who haven’t backed up their personal or company data yet. In fact, some people have never heard of data backup. If you’re in this group or have any questions about data backup, don’t hesitate to reach out to our IT support team in LA for assistance.

World Backup Day's Origins

The roots of World Backup Day extend to a Reddit thread in which a community member posted about how he lost his hard drive. He was dismayed that no one reminded him to back up his data. Jadun took the idea and ran with it, creating World Backup Day. As a result, people and organizations--- ranging from schools to businesses across the world--- are taking time and effort to back up their data at least once a year.

The Promotion of World Backup Day

If World Backup Day's exposure was limited to Reddit and a couple of websites, it probably wouldn’t have gained traction. Several companies like Datacastle promote World Backup Day. Datacastle is an endpoint protection and analytics services organization led by CEO and President Ron Faith. He stated that his company promotes World Backup Day as too many small business owners aren’t aware of the extent of the threat posed by ransomware, data breaches, and data loss. In fact, many small business owners are unaware as to the type of sensitive data stored on company laptops, smartphones, tablets and other devices.

Data Loss Details

Data loss isn’t a problem solely experienced by large companies or clumsy employees. Any organization or individual can experience data loss. Even something as basic as a fraudulent e-mail transmitted by an imposter can lead to an expensive and frustrating data loss nightmare. Known as Business E-mail Compromise (BEC) attacks, hackers use this method to assume the identity of a company leader and convince other high-level employees to send sensitive data to scammers.

Failing to protect company data with the assistance of our IT support team in LA has the potential to drive away clients, draw the attention of regulatory bodies, and alienate business partners. In the worst case scenario, a data loss can force a business to shut its doors. Unfortunately, digital attacks on businesses jumped by nearly 40% this past year. Such attacks aren't merely present on the company network or computer(s) for a single day. Rather, the average attack remains dormant in the system for more than 140 days. These attacks are becoming more sophisticated as time progresses.

Ally with IT Support Experts to Prevent Data Loss

Though you can take a number of precautions to prevent a digital breach, the best way to reduce the odds of data loss is to ally with our IT gurus here at DCG Technical Solutions. We provide IT support in LA, among other services, and we know the ins and outs of data protection, network security, cloud security, and beyond. To learn more, contact us today.